Outbound Telemarketing Services

Outbound Telemarketing Services

How Appointment Setting Services Can Boost Your Business

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Want to gain more new customers in less time? An appointment setting service can prescreen candidates from your mailing list and set up face-to-face meetings with your sales representatives.

Meeting with prospective clients is usually more productive than selling over the phone. But finding the right candidates to meet with can be time-consuming. Appointment setting companies conserve your valuable time by cold calling and prescreening prospects to see if they're good candidates for your products and services. After they set up the meetings, your reps can focus on presenting the value proposition of the business.

Benefits of outsourcing appointment setting

It takes a lot of time and money to hire, train, and manage an internal team of telemarketers, not to mention the amount of hardware, office space, and furniture you'll need. Appointment setting companies free you from those responsibilities. You get the full benefits of the service without the added expense of full-time employees.

Outsourcing appointment setting services is also beneficial to smaller businesses such as doctor's offices, realtors, and insurance agencies that might not have the resources to find new prospects on their own. These businesses are on tight schedules and need to reserve their time for in-person meetings to explain the benefits of their services in detail.

What to look for in appointment setting services

Before you select an appointment setting service, perform online research or submit a free request for quotes through BuyerZone to get matched up with six different vendors. Then look for these qualities to find the best fit:

If you want to instantly research service offerings from multiple providers, BuyerZone allows you to compare services, features, and company profiles right from your computer - for free.

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