Outbound Telemarketing Services

Outbound Telemarketing Services

5 Elements of a B2B Telemarketing Company Worth Hiring

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By Wendy J Woudstra

Business-to-business telemarketing is rarely about a one-time sale; more often, it's about starting relationships. The calls are made during business hours, and the people picking up the receiver are almost never the decision makers. B2B telemarketing agents need to know how to get past the gatekeepers — receptionists, secretaries, and assistants — to reach the person most qualified to make the decisions about the product or service on offer.

The goals of B2B telemarketing companies are usually to qualify the company being called as a viable lead for a product or service, and to set an appointment for a representative to meet with that person to begin a business relationship.

Outsourcing a B2B Telemarketing Company

While some businesses choose to generate leads and set appointments in-house, the investment that needs to be made in training employees and creating space and infrastructure can make full-time telemarketing in-house an expensive option. If you rely on your sales staff to generate their own leads and appointments, you lose out on time they could spend meeting with potential clients and closing sales.

A dedicated B2B telemarketing company offers agents who are trained to get past the gatekeepers and know how to have the conversations needed to set appointments and generate leads. After taking the time to develop training materials to get them up to speed on your product, service, and industry, the outbound telemarketing company can ensure that the agents are trained and effective.

Telemarketing agents can do their jobs no matter what is happening in your office, or what other priorities your staff may need to take care of. Outsourcing your lead generation and appointment-setting calls will leave your office with the space, staff, and infrastructure it needs to handle tasks that are more closely aligned with your core business.

Elements of a B2B Telemarketing Company Worth Hiring

In the hunt for quality B2B outbound telemarketing, you'll find a lot of options on the table when making your initial search. Make sure the company has all the elements known to get the job done. Here are 5 things to look for:

  1. Ability to adapt to the difficulties making phone contact. In today's business environment, the reality is you can only reach about 15% of decision-makers when trying them on the telephone. Make sure the company you hire has a plan for laying the groundwork and building a relationship so cold calls aren't rebuffed.
  2. Employees who aren't just passing through. For some outbound B2B telemarketing services, retaining employees is a big challenge, Companies that do not pay well and provide proper training have a high turnover, leaving their operators constantly grappling with hurdles to leap. Get an idea of how long each employee has been employed by the firm, as it will directly influence the quality of services.
  3. A track record in appointment setting and lead generation. What is the company's track record in landing appointments with buyers? Have they handled similar work for competitors or other clients in the field? If they already have the contacts and know how to expand upon their lead base, you can expect results in the near future. For the best indication, ask for recommendations from previous clients.
  4. Proactive companies that don't need you to contact them. Will you have to track a company down or will they be proactive in delivering reports to you? Once they are on your payroll, you will find that lesser companies force you to make the first move. It should be the other way around. B2B telemarketing services pros know you deserve an update without asking for one. It's the professional standard.
  5. The ability to verify results. Is the company able to back up claims of lead generation and head roads within a company's list of buyers? If so, the telemarketing services provider should be able to produce records of emails and phone calls showing they are progressing.
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