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Gift Cards

Gift Card Processing Makes a Difference

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Many business owners shy away from gift cards and gift card processing, viewing it as another added expense to their balance sheet. However, there are a variety of ways in which this type of program can actually boost sales.

Consider these interesting gift card statistics:

Giftcard Processing

Based on this information, it's clear that by adding gift card processing to your current payment system, you can produce an automatic boost in sales for your business. Gift cards are quickly becoming an easy gift giving solution. In turn, the gift card recipients who leave an unused balance on their gift cards, could add up to hundreds of dollars in profit for your business at the end of the year.

Simple gift card processing

For years, businesses have offered gift certificates. The gift card eliminates a lot of the problems inherent in that former system.

Getting started

Processing gift cards will cost money, and require the implementation of a new system, but the benefits to your retail business will be worth it.

Many small business owners are cashing in on the e-gift card trend, especially in the recent holiday season. The Square Wallet App now allows small businesses to sell gift cards ranging from $10-$1000, where a voucher will then be emailed directly to the gift recipient. The voucher can be stored and redeemed at any business via the smartphone app.

Perhaps the biggest benefit of this type of program is the ease of gift card processing. Customers come in and hand over a card or e-voucher, and the whole point-of-sale experience becomes more efficient. Employees spend less time checking customers out, and customers are happier with the customer service because they aren't held up at the register.

As one final tip, you can use gift card processing to decrease losses on returns in your store. Rather than handing over cash for a return, a policy can be created to require customers to receive gift cards in certain circumstances. This means fewer lost sales and

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