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Gift Cards

Selling Gift Cards Online

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Gift cards are not just for brick and mortar business. Online retailers can also offer gift cards to their customers. Once purchased, virtual cards can be sent directly to the customer via email, complete with a customized greeting from the sender. Retailers assign a unique identification number to each customer, rather than a bar code or magnetic strip. An encrypted email protects these virtual gift cards, ensuring each ID number is protected.

How it works

An online gift card allows the customer to make a purchase from you website and enter the ID number into a form at checkout. They can be purchased in varying denominations, typically ranging from $20 to $500. These cards usually don't expire and can be redeemed at any time. The remaining balance can be used for future purchases.

The gift card, a unique branding opportunity, reminds customers to come back to the site for future purchases. Types of online gifts cards include:

While businesses don't need to produce a physical card, it's sometimes a smart business decision. The gift card still represents a unique branding opportunity. In some cases, retailers that have storefronts and online shops will automatically send a card to the recipient's mailing address if the owner doesn't activate the virtual card within 30 to 90 days.

Staying in tune with emerging technology for business is necessary in any industry. When certain technological advances have a promise of increasing your sales, your exposure, and your bottom line, it's even more important. Taking your business to the next level with mobile and social access will open up a new world of potential customers and allow for virtual gift cards to easily flow in and out of your business.

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