Mailing List Brokers

Mailing List Brokers

Choose the Best Mailing List Brokers for your Campaigns

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Tired of wasting money with ineffective email or direct mail marketing campaigns? Let the best mailing list brokers in the industry help you target the right customers to make your efforts more productive. By carefully applying filters to the broker's large database of names, you can hone in on specific demographics to find customers that are genuinely interested in what you sell.

Before seeking out the best mailing list brokers, you need to know where to look. Start by using BuyerZone's free request for quotes service, or performing your own research online to find several qualified brokers. Interviewing multiple brokers can help you determine which companies are interested in finding you the best lists for your campaign, and which are just interested in getting your money.

Since many people view mailing lists as a spamming tool, the best mailing list brokers take special care to provide only legitimate lists - either postal mail lists from public records, surveys, and publication response cards, or email lists from individuals who specifically opted in to receive offers like yours. Make 100% sure the broker you work with complies with the so you don't risk illegally sending materials to someone who doesn't want to be contacted.

The best mailing list brokers will work closely with you to make sure you reach the most targeted audience. They will show you the different filters you can select to closely target the right customers, but also let you know what your limitations are. They will also detail the costs of their services - the more filters you select, the more your lists will cost.

Additional characteristics of the best mailing list brokers

The only way to know for sure if you've found the best email list brokers, best direct mail brokers, or both, is to take the time to meet with them and see what each can offer. And the quickest way to find the most qualified brokers is through BuyerZone's free mailing lists quote request service.

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