Mailing List Brokers

Mailing List Brokers

Questions to Ask an Email List Broker

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Email marketing can be an effective and inexpensive way to get your message across to a large audience, as long as you have a good quality list of e-mail addresses. Some businesses use their own lists, which they have built up over many months or even years. But if your organization doesn't have a list, or the time to build one, here are some of the important questions you must ask an email list broker if you are considering buying or renting email addresses for your marketing campaign.

Questions about their business:

Questions about their lists:

Choosing a good email list broker

As well as being able to provide you with the best email list for your campaign, a good email list broker will also offer advice and assistance to make sure your campaign is as successful as possible; after all, then you'll probably want to do it again. This might be advice about subject lines, landing pages, or how to split test your mail out, but you're likely to find the best brokers do more than just provide you with the list.

In addition to specialist email list providers, many of the leading direct mail list brokers also provide email addresses; so whatever you're looking to market, you should have no difficulty getting the best list for your campaign, as long as you ask the right questions.

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