Mailing List Brokers

Mailing List Brokers

When you are ready to reach businesses and consumers who regularly buy products and services like the ones you offer, consider purchasing a mailing list. A mailing list provides you with valuable contact information for prospects you can reach by mail and e-mail.

Your list will be targeted toward specific customers. A purchased list can be designed by choosing features like demographics and purchasing habits of your audience. This targeted mailing list will help you reach customers with your specific message, at a cost.

The success or failure of your direct mail campaign depends greatly on the quality of your mailing list. Choosing a list of potential customers interested in your products and services is the goal.

Response vs. compiled

You typically purchase mailing lists that are created from two sources: response lists and compiled lists.

The information you choose from to compile your mailing list can be found in a variety of sources. Purchasing a list based on a specific zip code will yield geographically chosen customers, perfect when marketing to a specific part of town.

Demographic lists will be based on details you have determined to be important in the purchasing process of your customers. The compiled list, made up of this general gathered data can help you to focus your marketing efforts on your desired demographic, once you gave determined what that is.

Conversely, a response list made up of customers who have shown an interest in your product or service, can offer a solution to finding potential customers. These high quality leads appear on your list based on their prior purchases. The response list can make your marketing efforts a little easier. However, keep in mind, potential clients who have not yet made a purchase may not be included on this list.


Before purchasing a mailing list, be sure to determine a marketing budget for your campaign. Direct mailing lists will vary. An average mailing list service will charge a monthly fee, including leads, lists, and marketing assistance. The cost per month starts at $49.95 for a basic package.

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