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Digital Copiers

Will Next Gen MFP Copiers Suit Your Business?

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By Eric Michaels

If you've been browsing around for digital copiers, you've probably realized that simple copy machines are not all the rage anymore. Most businesses want the multifunctional units that can scan, print, fax, and download as well as copy.

The latest digital copiers present every business owner and manager with a dilemma: Should you invest and solve countless issues around the office or try to get by with lesser models?

Here is some information to help you decide if Next Gen MFP machines are worth it.

What volume are you expecting?

Getting a machine that can handle a high volume of printing and copying with ease is important to some small businesses. If you've found yourself waiting for print jobs to come through and felt the burn of slow machines, the Sharp's Next Gen MFP models (as an example) are an excellent solution. They can handle as much as 5,600 sheets of paper, print over 50 pages per minute, and feature 10-inch screens for easy management during every function.

These are a far cry from older models capable of a mere 19 to 30 ppm and have been shown to dramatically increase the cost-effectiveness of each job by producing the finished result faster while enabling multiple users to be networked into a single machine.

How tech-savvy are your employees?

A common misconception is that senior employees can't handle new technology. In fact, valuable team members won't have trouble figuring out new machines that feature advanced technology. Modern MFPs are so smart that they transcend the limitations of lesser models.

At this point, everyone is used to "touch" machines to withdraw cash, make purchases, and order movie tickets. Sharp's new models offer the same style of service, making it easy on employees of all tech capabilities.

Unlike previous models that featured the simple (and often confusing) list of menus, new machines include visual navigation that ties into a wide range of business apps. In doing so, your employees are able to use a next gen machine with little to no instruction, potentially saving you thousands on additional training.

Is Internet browsing from an MFP machine important?

Another big question to ask yourself is how complete a package you want in a printer and copier. Will you get real benefits by enabling Internet browsing right from an MFP?

If so, new digital copiers deliver, offering a print station's capabilities to the highest level ever seen. Adding this feature could help bring your business to another level.

What level of security do you expect?

When you are downloading materials and faxing or storing sensitive information, you need to make sure your clients' security is protected. Newer models approach security with strict, twenty-first-century standards. You have the option to make all downloads private, mark information as "Not for Copy," and label items confidential without reflecting the actual document as such. It's the best in the business.

While the security of internal documents used to be the only concern (and one that was largely uncontrollable), most modern machines have the capability to store thousands of print, scan, and fax jobs within their queue. Though this provides a great deal of efficiency, it also opens the door to unauthorized access and theft. Identifying employees by an access card, unique code, or even biometrics (fingerprint) is one of the biggest improvements in comparison to older machines (and that includes a large number that are less than 10 years old). In addition to document security, these enhancements also simplify the accounting and budgeting process by ensuring print jobs are charged to the correct account.

Deciding on the newest MFP will involve a considerable expense, but even small companies can benefit from these machines when the need for extensive copy and print services exists. If you can fit it into the budget, it will do your business a great deal of good.

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