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Digital Copiers

Savin Copiers for Your Office Needs

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Digital Copiers

Savin is a digital imaging company that produces a variety of high-quality systems designed for office tasks. The "digital imaging" product line covers a number of common projects, from printing and copying to scanning and faxing.

Specializing in eco-friendly machines

Savin copiers and Ricoh copiers are one in the same. Ricoh purchased Savin in 1995 and has since then established the brand with consumers by providing levels of innovation and service that are widely revered among those who purchase the equipment.

In particular, Savin copiers are known for their reliability and energy-efficiency. It's no wonder then that they have six models rated by the EPA for Energy Star compliance:

  1. Savin MP 5002
  2. Savin 3406WD
  3. Savin MP 7502
  4. Savin En5100WD
  5. Savin MP 2001
  6. Savin MP 5002G

A quick look at the company's recent accolades confirms their reputation. In 2012, several models from this company won awards for Outstanding Energy Efficiency, as well as "Pick Awards" for outstanding performance, from Buyers Laboratory. Savin buyers interested in saving on power bills should focus on such models to help create a clean and green office, and they can be assured of high performance overall.

Savin product ranges

So, what types of products can you find at Savin? If you are looking for a typical printer or copier, the company creates a variety of models. This includes Savin copiers that are color and black-and-white and multifunctional models with printing and faxing services built directly into the system.

These models work for everyday office activities, but the company is also responsible for a number of specialty imaging devices. This includes large-production printing services for companies that specialize in mailers or other marketing materials, as well as wide-format printers for scanning and printing large-scale banners, maps, and similar products.

The company also has a line of digital duplicators - robust copy machines that are made for high-volume offices where large numbers of copies are the norm. For companies that embrace more digital methods of communication, Savin has a line of projectors as well, created for business and classroom purposes.

Savin software options

In addition to its award-winning hardware, Savin also offers a number of useful software products. Much of this software finds its way into its digital imaging devices, too, such as the advanced-capture option that allows scanning devices (including those located on a copier) to store its images and transfer them to computers. Scan an image once, and the copier can immediately transfer it to a number of locations in a digital form, saving both time and copies.

The company also has a workflow application that helps to manage copier tasks and is ideal for busy offices where a number of different copy projects are being sent wirelessly to a single copier. With workflow software, employees can easily see tasks from their computers and know when a project is ready to be picked up.

Additionally, the business has advanced distribution software that allows printing businesses to study their output and find new ways to save money and manage time.

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