Wide Format Printers and Plotters

Wide Format Printers and Plotters

Finding the Best Plotters Dealers

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If you frequently send blueprints and other large technical documents to a copy center, it's probably more cost-effective to purchase a plotter. Plotters, or wide-format printers, allow you to print in color or black and white on different materials that could reach widths of 60" or more. By working with the reliable dealers, you can select the brand you want and the features you need.

When choosing between plotter dealers, you should find at least 4 to 6 companies by requesting a free quote through BuyerZone or performing your own online research. It's important to meet with each dealer to discuss exactly what you need a plotter to do and which features would help your business.

The best plotter dealers will let you know early in the process what level of service and support you'll receive. When you make a large purchase like this, you don't want any worries about how to contact the dealer with repair requests or follow-up questions. Dealers should offer multiple contact methods - phone, e-mail, live chat, or pager - and indicate their hours of operation in case you need assistance during the weekend or late at night.

One way to learn if you're getting the appropriate service and support is to contact the dealers' references, preferably those customers who bought a similar wide format printer. This is your opportunity to find out the dealer's responsiveness to service calls and questions and learn if the customer felt comfortable with the dealer's level of experience and professionalism.

Additional qualities of the best plotter dealers

Along with strong service and support policies, the best plotters dealers should also offer:

Ultimately, the best plotter dealers are those that treat your business like a partner, learning what type of wide format printer your company needs and finding you the appropriate match. And the first step in locating the right dealer is using BuyerZone's free plotters quote request service to get connected to qualified suppliers in your area.

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