Wide Format Printers and Plotters

Wide Format Printers and Plotters

How a Wide Format Inkjet Printer Can Benefit Your Business

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Are you considering investing in a wide format inkjet printer for your business? This kind of equipment can add a number of benefits to your enterprise. It will allow you to print posters and other types of graphics that you would not be able to generate from a regular sized printer. Having this kind of equipment in-house means that you would not have to rely on outside providers for this type of specialty work.

How Inkjet printers work

Wide Format Printer Studio

An inkjet printer uses a print head that contains several nozzles which spray drops of ink onto the paper or surface being printed. The printer uses cartridges for each ink color. In the case of a digital wide format ink jet printer, toner would be used instead of liquid ink. This product has the advantage of being less messy, since it is in a powder form.

During the printing process, the printer sprays dots of color at each stop along the page. CMYK (cyan/magenta/yellow/black) colors are used at each stop to make the colors used for each print job. Once each pass has been completed, the paper feeder advances the sheet slightly. The printer head either reverses direction or resets to the beginning of the page and starts its pass across the page again. The process continues in this back-and-forth motion until the page has finished printing.

In most cases, the ink dries very quickly. You should be able pick up the finished work shortly after the job is completed without smudging it.

Droplet technology system and large format printer

Wide format printers use the droplet technology system. The dpi (dots per inch) of the print job will not be seen when the image is printed on plain paper, vinyl, poster paper or any other medium. The image will be sharp every time.

Benefits of wide format Inkjet printers

Drawbacks of wide format inkjet printers

While buying a wide format printer offers several benefits, it also has some drawbacks:

Managing your printing projects in house can save you time and money, but choosing the right type is crucial. Wide format inkjet printers offer several benefits for both small and mid-sized companies. Reviewing these benefits and drawbacks can help you make the most informed decision for your investment, but the best bet is to talk to a qualified dealer who can help you understand the pros and cons of every type of printer.

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