GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

Discover The Costs and Reasons for a GPS Auto Tracking System

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Your friendly neighborhood "chop shop" isn't likely to care much about burglar alarms, how much of a fleet discount you got, or whether the salesman's car was the prize sales-closer in your fleet. However, being taken by surprise after having been tracked down by local authorities through a GPS auto tracking system will definitely catch their attention. And it underscores just how valuable a global positioning system is.

Theft aside, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released a study in which they found that for every 5 MPH driven above 60, a vehicle costs about 20 cents more per gallon of gas. Simply by observing the posted speed limits, that driver could improve their gas mileage by 7% to 23%.

GPS Fleet

To accomplish that task, vehicle tracking systems allow you to identify reckless, costly drivers in your fleet, singling out those who routinely exceed speed limits and result in wasted fuel and engine wear – further increasing your insurance rates through the accidents they cause. They also monitor exactly where your top salesman is taking that potentially lucrative customer for lunch, often in real-time. Plus, having a system like this could even save you on insurance costs.

GPS tracking system costs

The consideration of price weighed against the potential benefit should make outfitting your entire fleet an easy choice. Small systems that do not run in real-time (known as "passive") are cheap for the level of quality they provide.

Individual systems and passive tracking typically start at $150 to $200 and are not bound by a monthly service agreement. Active tracking devices can also be had around $200 but extend into the $300 to $350 range with added features like drive-proof car cameras. Both options operate using vehicle power or battery power (should a stolen car's battery cable be cut) and can be installed by nearly anyone. Passive tracking devices that do not run on the car's power attach to any metal surface with a powerful magnet, making them ideal to place discreetly in the trunk of the car.

Unlike passive tracking, real-time tracking requires a monthly and/or annual service fee. Costs range around $18 to $25 per month or $100 to $175 per year. However there are also some companies who provide lifetime coverage (for the life of the tracker, not the vehicle) for a one-time fee of $400 to $500. In addition, you may pay more for auto tracking with certain helpful features such as complete evaluations of stops, speed traveled, date, time, and direction traveled.

More advanced systems also incorporate real-time tracking data and link to popular satellite programs, showing you the exact location of your fleet vehicle. Is your top salesman the best because he's taking clients to the seediest bars in town? It may be an issue if your company's name is emblazoned across the doors, hood, and trunk of the car. These next-generation devices range in price from about $2,000 and up.

A final option is leasing everything involved as part of a package deal. This typically includes the tracking devices, software and service charge for a single monthly fee, often with no long-term contract. Plus, under the lease, all of the tracking equipment is covered under full warranty. Given the all-inclusive nature of these packages, they tend to be a little pricey, costing anywhere from $120 to $500 per month. However, some are available on a weekly basis, making them great when you need a short-term solution.

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