GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

GPS Fleet Tracking Solutions

Monitor Your Vehicles and Employees with a GPS Tracking Device

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As a business owner, you want to think your employees have your company's best interests at heart. But it always pays to be safe rather than sorry when dealing with your company equipment. Investing in a GPS tracking device lets you keep tabs on your property, even when it's hundreds of miles away.

Over the past few years, devices that make use of global positioning system satellites have become incredibly common. In addition to portable locators for your car, most smartphones also contain software applications that tell you exactly where you are and how to get where you need to go.

A GPS vehicle tracker uses the same satellite system, but these also allow you to create a computerized log of where a company car or a truck has gone. Compact and battery-powered, or connecting directly into a vehicle's electrical system, these vehicle trackers are discreetly installed where the driver can't see them.

Improve the cost-effectiveness of your fleet

When you're trying to decide which type of GPS tracking device you need, there are two options: active and passive. In an active GPS device, data is transmitted every 90 seconds to the host service where it can be accessed and monitored on your personal computer. With passive monitoring, data pertaining to the vehicle is stored in the receiver (similar to the black box on an airplane) and must be downloaded into the companion software platform when the vehicle returns.

On the whole, active GPS tracking is now the most popular method when monitoring a fleet of vehicles as it provides a wealth of data, almost instantly, that can impact management decisions. Some of the extra bells and whistles responsible for this functionality include:

How to use a GPS tracking device effectively

Since these devices come in all shapes and sizes, a GPS vehicle tracker has many useful applications:

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