Spray Paint Booths

Spray Paint Booths

Different Uses for an Industrial Spray Paint Booth

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Many industries and businesses can benefit from the addition of an industrial spray paint booth. From automotive, truck, and motorcycle assembly lines to woodworking and custom furniture manufacturers, industrial spray paint booths provide an enclosed area free of environmental contaminates, enabling you to complete your paint job while delivering maximum safety for employees and the general public.

Types of Industrial Paint Booths

There are many types of industrial spray paint booths available to accommodate a variety of businesses needs. Although many people first think of large items like boats and automobiles, anything from furniture, metalworking, fiberglass and other composite materials can also be finished in a paint booth.

Treating Industrial Parts

In large manufacturing operations, the booths may be part of an assembly-line process, moving each item into the booth on a conveyor belt, while the booth itself is either enclosed or open-faced, with exhaust pulled through the back. In a small custom shop, the booth may be nothing more than an open-faced setup on a work bench.

Due to the wide variety of size and materials painted in industrial booths, their design and components will vary immensely. Larger operations will most likely have enclosed booths that will both protect the painting process and contain fumes and chemicals. These will have airflow and filtration devices to keep the area contained, while some will also have heating elements to speed drying.

The paint booths may be equipped with either automatic paint guns or manual painting equipment. Smaller shops may only use the booths to contain the paint spray, with little or no ventilation or filtration.

For woodworking and other industrial applications, many types are available with designated finishing areas that are situated apart from the cutting and sanding portion of the setup. In these designs, filtered intake air models can be placed anywhere in the shop to accommodate the need for clean air in practically any wood finishing environment.

Benefits of Using an Industrial Spray Paint Booth

While the enclosed nature of the booth limits things like dust, debris, metal shavings and other loose debris, safety is the primary benefit. Industrial spray paint booths control hazardous materials. In doing so, workers are safeguarded against chemicals and fumes while the enclosed booth further prevents mess in the surrounding environment. In addition, the booth can further aid in preventing explosions by limiting overspray and regulating the mixture of air and fuel in the work area.

The ultimate goal for any booth is to create a quality paint finish on the product while protecting the air and the workers from any chemicals used in the process. Depending on the types of paint you use, and how frequently you paint, government safety regulations may apply.

Costs Vary by Application and Design

How much you'll spend will be directly impacted by your application. For example, a small industrial spray paint booth that can accommodate motorcycles can start at prices just over $1,000. Larger models, featuring airflow designs that include full downdraft, semi-downdraft, side-draft and cross flow, start around $5,000 for models with cross draft design and cost anywhere from $16,000 to $24,000 for those with downdraft airflow.

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