Spray Paint Booths

Spray Paint Booths

Spray Paint Booths Streamline Automotive Finishing

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Whether your shop is using a solvent-based paint or a combination product with waterborne curing agents, automotive paint booths help ensure the finish is applied efficiently, smoothly, and safely. Adhering to all OSHA and NFPA regulations, they're designed with a number of airflow and filtration systems that enable the finishing of everything from trucks and automobiles to individual aftermarket components.

Car and truck paint booths are typically constructed from 18-gauge, galvanized steel with paneling that has been precision punched for easy nut-and-bolt assembly. Depending on the style selected, you'll find a range of different customizations with regard to entry doors, personnel doors, windows, exhaust fans, control panels, and lighting.

Choosing the best automotive paint booth design

Auto Body Shop Schematic

The booth you select will largely be determined by your individual manufacturing or aftermarket production needs. But your available space plays a large role in the purchase decision as well. Though there are a number of different spray paint booth types available, in general, you'll be primarily looking at just two:

Drive-in options

For automotive manufacturing facilities, large-scale auto body shops, or collision repair centers, drive-in spray paint booths are often an essential component of the finishing process. They feature an enclosed setting. This design provides a contained environment, free of dust and other airborne contaminates that could threaten a quality finish.

Common Drive-in Options Include
Type Working Dimensions (W-H-L) Exterior Dimensions (W-H-L) Entrance Doors (H-W) 4-Tube Fluorescent Light Fixtures Estimated Costs
Cross flow (mid-size) 12' 9" x 8' 4" x 20' 1" 13' x 8' 10" x 23' 4" 8' x 10' 6 $5,500
Cross flow 14' x 9' x 26' 6" 14' 3" x 9' 2" x 26' 9" 9' x 10' 10 $6,500
Semi-Downdraft (mid-size) 12' 9" x 8' 4" x 20' 1" 13' x 10' 7" x 23' 4" 10' x 8' 4" 6 $6,700
Semi-Downdraft 14' x 9' x 26' 7" 14' 3" x 11' 2" x 26' 10" 9' x 10' 10 $7,500 - $24,000

The cross flow and semi-downdraft styles are popular within the automotive industry for their ability to provide an even finish in less time than other methods. Cross draft spray paint booths draw air through filters built into the product entry doors. The air is then pulled through the length of the booth and into an exhaust chamber. Though substantially larger in comparison to an open front booth, the cross draft design is efficient on space requirements.

Ventilation Types

Drive-in ventilation types

Similar in design, semi-downdraft spray paint booths draw air through filters in the booth ceiling as well as in the product entry door. This air is pulled and circulated throughout the chamber in a downward motion and also channeled front to back. Shown to provide a higher degree of overspray control, the semi-downdraft design cuts the amount of prep required and eliminates the need for the costly exhaust pits required by standard downdraft models. It can also be upgraded with a heated make-up air unit (MAU) that reduces finishing time.

Open face options

Unlike their larger, enclosed counterparts, open face models have been created by automotive spray booth manufacturers, including Global Finishing Solutions, Eagle Equipment, and Col-Met, to conveniently fit into the back corner of almost any location. The design can be built to serve as a workbench for individual parts or be extended to accommodate a conveyor production system that finishes an aftermarket assembly line.

Common Open Face Options Include
Size Working Dimensions (W-H-L) Exterior Dimensions (W-H-L) 4-Tube Fluorescent Light Fixtures Exhaust Filters (20"x24") Estimated Costs
Small 6' x 12' x 5' 6' 4" x 12' 2" x 7' 8" 1 12 $4,200
Small 8' x 12' x 5' 8' 4" x 12' 2" x 8' 8" 1 24 $4,700
Medium 9' 8" x 7' x 5' 10' x 7' 2" x 8' 8" 2 20 $3,900
Medium 14' x 12' x 5' 14' 4" x 12' 8" x 9' 2 42 $6,700
Large 16' x 7' x 5' 16' 4" x 7' 8" x 8' 2 32 $4,600
Large 20' x 10' x 5' 20' 4" x 10' 8" x 9' 4 50 $9,000

With an open face front, the above listed booths incorporate an exhaust fan and a series of filters that trap airborne over spray particles in the plenum then discharge the air back into the shop environment. Constructed of 18-gauge galvanized steel, most booths are sold as a self-assembled kit and include all hardware, fasteners, and sealers, as well as assembly instructions and permit documentation.

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