Spray Paint Booths

Spray Paint Booths

When to Upgrade Your Spray Paint Booth

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Even if your current paint system is still functioning, it might be time for a spray paint booth upgrade. Recent innovations have improved the efficiency of the booths and made them more environmentally friendly. So equipment that's a few years old will be missing some great new features. Here are some key additions you may need for your equipment.

Upgrade possibilities

When you compare the new spray paint booths to what you are currently using, you will notice many features that have revolutionized the painting industry. Some improvements you can expect with the new systems include improved lighting and airflow, better ceiling design, stronger construction, and eco-friendly features.

These spray paint booth upgrade options result in better control of contaminants, increased production, improved energy and fuel efficiency, and faster and easier operations.

Some of these systems involve installing a whole new spray paint booth, while others simply allow you to upgrade your current system for optimal performance and savings. If you haven't looked at the latest designs of spray paint booths, you might want to see what you're missing.

Side by Side Paint Booths

Options include:

Retractable spray paint booths. For new businesses just starting out, or for those trying to expand service within the same area, retractable spray paint booths are an attractive option. They allow the painters to use the same work area and then retract to free the space for other tasks. This is an ideal option for businesses that do spray painting occasionally as part of their service.

Outdoor booths. Another option for companies with space limitations is an outdoor booth that has its own frame and can withstand the elements. This is a great option for small automotive repair shops that do their own paint work. Different versions are available with double and triple booths, with or without separate mix rooms. They allow for fast curing that lets the painters move one automobile out quickly and go on to the next one.

The green alternative. New systems are using green concepts such as systems designed to protect the environment through flow control. These systems are designed to reduce the amount of energy needed for spray-painting. In addition, they often require fewer natural resources and create less pollution in the air. Companies save money because these systems often cost less to operate.

Individualized performance. Another new technology is the development of touch-screen control systems that allow companies to program the flash cycle and the cure cycle to fit the type of paint used. This ensures better customer satisfaction with the final product. It also increases efficiency by improving the drying time.

Does it make financial sense to upgrade?

Every new purchase of this size begins (and often ends) with a cost analysis. If business is booming, you’ll more than likely recoup the investment of an upgrade to your paint booth.

Luckily, as long as the current booth is meeting your needs for maneuverability and volume, an upgrade may not require a change in size to the actual booth itself. Instead, many shops find they can elevate their business and extend the overall capability of existing facilities simply by adding a heated air makeup unit (aka AMS).

An AMS provides a number of advantages related to the efficiency and quality of the curing process, derived from the following:

Expect to pay anywhere from $3,000 to $8,000 for a heated air makeup unit uninstalled, with a wide range of models designed for use with standard-sized paint booths falling in the $3,300 to $4,500 range.

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