Skid Steer Loaders

Skid Steer Loaders

Mini Skid Steer Loader: Bobcat MT55

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The Bobcat line of mini track loaders includes two models, both diesel powered: the MT52, rated at 18.8 horsepower and 36 inches wide; and the MT55, rated at 23.5 horsepower and 44 inches wide. The MT55, designed primarily for construction applications, can be used as a walk-behind, or can be fitted quickly with a pivoting, swiveling ride-on platform.

The MT55 borrows technology from its larger track-loader counterparts in the Bobcat range, using, for example, the same type of elevated-sprocket undercarriage. The elevated sprocket, says the company, keeps the drive motors out of the dirt and provides a more efficient, less stressful transfer of power from the sprocket to the track. The MT55 also uses the same Bob-Tach coupler as larger Bobcat models, facilitating the use of Bobcat attachments. The MT55 powers its attachments with an auxiliary-hydraulic system that produces 12 gpm at 2,900 psi.

The MT55 also features a reverse-speed limiter, a sliding control that can be adjusted to the desired reverse speed (0-1.5 mph) to avoid having to continually feather the drive controls - for example, when trenching. And when operating in reverse, a reverse-stop panel protects the operator from unseen obstacles behind.

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MT55 ride-on platform

Equipped with its standard 10-inch-wide tracks, the Bobcat MT55 has a ground pressure of 4.1 psi. The ride-on platform that the machine on site used can be quickly attached with two pins.

MT55 control panel

The Bobcat MT55 control panel is designed to keep one hand on the drive/steering controls, and the other on the work-group controller. The center bar within the rectangular handrail is squeezed fore and aft to control direction, and the entrie handrail assembly rotates to provide steering. The auxiliary-hydraulics lever has a detent in each position for convenience. For safety, a button on the dash allows controlled lowering of the lift arms if the machine is disabled.

Bobcat MT55
Engine Kubota
Fuel Diesel
Horsepower (net) 23.5
ROC (lb.)* 550
Operating weight (lb.) 2,696
Hydraulic flow, auxiliary (gpm) 12
Hydraulic pressure (psi) 2,900
Bucket volume (cu. ft.) 6.7
Bucket hinge-pin height (in.) 71.3
Travel speed, fwd (mph) 3.5
Track width (in.) 10
Track-on-ground (in.) 34
*Rated Operating Capacity @ 35% of tipping load.

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