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Booths and Shacks - INACTIVE

How to Find Guard Buildings that Will Help Keep You Safe

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Find guard buildings for your company

Guard buildings and security booths come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be conveniently customized to meet a business's unique needs. A basic guard booth will be constructed as an exterior building in a modular design that allows for numerous upgrades and modifications. In addition, most guard booths are mobile and easy to lift with a fork and crane to move from location to location.

Whether you're considering a temporary option for an event or fair, or looking for something more permanent, there are a number of options you'll have to take into account when comparing models. Here's what you can expect to choose from and how to find the one that's best for you.

Start by looking at construction and materials

Most guard booths are built from standard aluminum with additional upgrades like bullet-resistant construction available for added security. Many guard booth manufacturers will provide a set range of prefabricated styles from 3' x 4' up to 8' x 16' with different roof styles available.

When a business orders a standard aluminum guard booth, it can be quickly constructed and shipped within as little as 4 to 6 weeks, ready for use upon delivery with no assembly necessary. Standard designs typically include a sliding or swing door, Dutch door, hydraulic door closer (to prevent unauthorized entry and contain heat or air conditioning), and either half- or full-length door glass (for optimal visibility).

Choose from options and upgrades

A guard booth can be upgraded and customized to match both your enhanced security needs and blend in with your existing facilities or branding components. Through illuminated, vinyl, or computer match logo signage, custom lettering, and even color matching finish, these mini buildings can easily become a miniature duplication of your permanent structures.

Customizations include: lighting from incandescent and halogen to Quartz, weather-resistant, or traffic signal lighting. In addition, flooring can be included, both for fatigue relief and appearance made from aluminum tread plate, vinyl composition tile, rubber, or anti-fatigue mat flooring.

For an additional cost, an aluminum security booth can include a locking cash drawer, an exterior counter, custom cabinetry, a restroom, or a pass-thru walkway for convenience - most of which are ideal when setting up for a festival or large-scale event that requires credentialing attendees or collecting entry fees.

Don't forget the roof

A mid-size 4' x 6' aluminum booth equipped with a sliding door will provide 24 sq. ft. of indoor space. The security building will include two sliding doors with one light fixture with a pull chain. Most popularly used for access control security, this medium-sized guard booth will come with aluminum tread plate flooring, clear tempered safety glass windows, and a factory installed integral roof.

Additionally, beyond the standard integral roof, optional upgrades include:

Average guard booth pricing

Depending upon the industry customizations needed for a security building, pricing can vary greatly. If a business orders a standard aluminum guard booth without additional upgrades, it can cost between $5,600 and $8,200 for a 3' x 5' unit with a sliding door. Units that are larger in size up to 8' x 16' with a swing door can cost between $14,000 and $19,000, providing roughly 128 sq. ft. of interior space.

It's important that you make sure to factor in the cost of a number of upgrades in framework, wall and ceiling panels, doors, flooring, windows, roofing, electrical wiring, and even climate control for added comfort during use.

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