Booths and Shacks - INACTIVE

Booths and Shacks - INACTIVE

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How to Find Guard Buildings that Will Help Keep You Safe

Guard buildings and security booths come in a wide range of shapes and sizes and can be conveniently customized to meet a business’s unique needs. Read how you can determine the right choice for your business.

Portable Construction Site Buildings Have Many Benefits

Security, safety, and consistency are just three of the benefits provided by portable construction site buildings.

Customize Prefabricated Booths for all Your Needs

Customize prefabricated booths and shacks for materials, ergonomics, security level, and more to get the structures that meet your company’s preferences.

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Easily Constructed Shelters Adapt for All Purposes

Adding new buildings doesn't have to be a complex process. Simple shelters are quick to build and can meet the needs of your customers and/or employees. Types of shelters include security boxes, ticket booths, guard booths, and more.

For High-Security Businesses, Guard Shacks Are a Must

Today, virtually every company with large parcels of property needs proper perimeter security to ensure that threats do not manage to enter the corporate property. Although this can be difficult at times, by using strategically placed guard shacks, companies can ensure that their property is secure from attackers while helping to keep overhead costs low.

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