Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

Real-world Prices for Steel Buildings Large and Small

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users from across the country to ask how their purchases went. We've used their responses to provide a sampling of actual prices paid for various types of steel buildings. After you review this pricing data, you can request customized local price quotes from multiple dealers.

It's difficult to pinpoint the exact pricing of an individual steel building project, since the size of the building has such a big impact. The bigger the structure you're building, the less you can expect to pay per square foot.

Extras like additional doors, windows, skylights, gutters, and downspouts all add to the costs. Another option, insulation, is particularly valuable - while you pay more up front, you save money over time by using less energy.

Steel Stable House

In addition, steel buildings must meet specific state and local building codes. In areas with heavy precipitation, you may need to invest in an extra durable roof that can absorb the frequent damage.

Note that because some dealers charge separately for materials, delivery, and construction, the quotes below may or may not reflect the total cost of the finished structure.

Prices for steel buildings ($25,000 or less)

"$11,100 - We recently had a two car garage stall setup at our warehouse. We had a few features added as well; a pre-hung entry door, and a 16' x 7' overhead door. They gave us a pair price, and were easy to work with" - Landscaping company, Tempe, Arizona

"We built a large commercial storage facility, 50' x 70'. We were looking for a fairly maintenance-free structure for storing equipment and excess materials year round. We went with heavy duty trusses due to possible weight from snow on the roof during the winter. We paid $23,300 for the entire project." [$6.65/square foot] - Trout farm, Ogden, Utah

"20' x 58' x 12' sheet metal enclosure: $14,000 including (2) 8'x 8' Roll-up doors, (1) 2 x 7 walk door, (3) roof vents, (3) 3' x 3' louvers, and gutter/downspouts. All stamped drawings required, including anchor drawing, etc." [$12.07/square foot] - Manufacturing office manager, Milpitas, California

"$11,500 - This was an add-on, which is why I needed someone that was close by to do the installation and look at the job in person." - Agriculturist, Carpinteria, California

"All the sheet metal and trim package for roof and walls along with screws for installation were included in the price of $4,223." - Health care consultant, Chattaroy, Washington

"$20,056 including {2} 12' x 12' overhead doors, {1} 30" x 70" walk thru door, insulation {walls and roof}, gutters, and downspouts." - Manufacturing General Manager, Middletown, Ohio

"48' x 30' pole barn storage building with two 9'x16' foot doors and one service door installed. Was attempted to find a DIY solution on the cheap but after speaking with a local construction company I'm glad I had this done right. Insulation was included in our price, and we ended up paying about $14,360." [$9.97/sf] - Real estate CEO, Ottawa, Ohio

"40' x 60' x 16'. 12' x 12' roll up, 1 walk-in door, 4 windows, 4 skylight panels, two wall light panels, 40' x 1' ridge vent, inner liner, insulation, and painted roof and overhangs. $25,000 delivered." [$10.42/sf] - Construction partner, Eloy, Arizona

"$6,400 - all metal, beams, 3" insulation, and doors." - Construction partner, Bradley, Arkansas

"$8,200. 30' x 40' x 12' insulated with two 12' x 12' overhead doors and 1 3/0 walk through." [$6.83/sf] - Irrigation business owner, Jessieville, Arkansas

"$9,700. 20' x 40' We got in touch with sales rep right away who helped us figure out the exact type of metal building we were trying to purchase. They had drawings back to us to sign off on the next day. I was impressed how seriously and quickly they handled this project." - High school field house, Montclair, New Jersey

"$13,500 - Building with fixed louvers, ridge vent and side access door - foundation drawings and PE Stamp." - Manufacturing programmer, Surry, Virginia

"$21,770 for building, gutters, downspouts, 2 man doors, 1 overhead door, 12' x 12', 2 wall louvers 4' x 4', insulation, and special paint." - Equipment purchasing manager, Denver, Colorado

Prices for steel buildings (above $25,000)

"$36,680 - 60' x 98' pbr roof and walls, stainless fasteners, R19 insulation, 7 window openings, and 5 door openings with 2-man doors included in the price." [$6.24/sf] - Non-profit consultant, Dayton, Nevada

"For our new 40' x 60' warehouse we paid $75,000. It was a complete turnkey product that we're extremely happy with. The crew at C. Tucker Cope and associates were extremely easy to work with and they helped us pick the right features to make sure that we'd get the most out of our storage facility. We do have clients come onsite time to time so they recommended a "Quick Brick" split-faced block for the exterior finish, you can't even tell you're in a steel structure." - Paint mixing center, Columbiana, Ohio

"40' x 60' building with 4/12 pitch 16 ft eave height, 3 purlins per wall, 3 personnel doors, 4 30/60 windows, 4 12' x 14' rollup doors, 1 10' x 10' rollup door insulation, concrete foundation, 40' x 40' concrete apron for front of building. Total = $55,000." [$22.92/sf] - Equipment sales, Prairieville, Louisiana

"$26,500 for a 50' x 100' x 14' w/ 13 windows and two 12' x 12' doors, three access doors, six skylights, two roof vents, wainscoting, and rain gutters." [$5.30/sf] - Energy provider, Rock River, Wyoming

"$33,500 for the building itself. Single slope, 50' X 140' metal building. Also, a $14,700 erection cost." [$6.89/sf] - Martial arts expert, Tobaccoville, North Carolina

"Everything but the concrete - 2 buildings put up for $72,150." - Storage service, Medina, New York

"$78,500 plus 7 door roll up steel with opener, and 2 entrance door framed openings." - Government official, Woodhull, New York

"50' x 100' x 16' steel building with 3:12 roof pitch, 45 lb roof load, 90 mph wind - purchase price $28,000." [$5.60/sf] - Construction owner, Overgaard, Arizona

"$87,000. Labor not included. All other components included." - Purchasing manager, Lacon, Illinois

"$33,100 for a 60' x 80' x 27' eves with one end open completely and no other doors or openings." [$6.90/sf] - Transportation provider, Thompsonville, Michigan

"Worked on a deal for a 80' x 100' x 18' building ($45,000)."[$5.63/sf] - Fleet service owner, Saint Clair, Missouri

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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