Steel Buildings

Steel Buildings

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How Much do Steel Buildings Cost?

We break down what business owners paid for their steel building by the cost of steel by the square foot. Find out what our other users paid and interesting trends on what contractors and manufacturers are creating.

Steel Building Buying Tips From Other BuyerZone Users

Sometimes, the best way to learn about the purchases you need to make for your business is from other people going through the same process. Here are tips submitted by other steel building buyers.

Real-world Steel Buildings Prices by Type of Structure

Comparing prices is a great way to educate yourself before choosing a steel building provider -- we've collected price quotes from other buyers to help you out.

What to Look for When Comparing Metal Building Prices

A quality prefabricated metal building can cost you tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars and more.

40' x 60' Steel Buildings: Pricing Examples

We've outlined the prices that our users paid for their steel buildings. Getting an understanding of what you can expect to pay will help talking to manufacturers.

Additional Steel Buildings Articles

Basics of Buying Pole Barns

By manufacturing metal supports and framing in the factory and assembling it on site, steel building suppliers can help you put up a wood-sided pole barn in no time.

General Steel Buildings Overview

General Steel Buildings is one of the leading steel building manufacturers in the country. Learn more about this company and the industry of steel buildings.

How to Compare Steel Building Suppliers

The steel building industry is huge and it's hard not to become overwhelmed after only one keyword search. When choosing which retailer to work with, there are a few basic questions to consider.

Introduction to Pre-Engineered Steel Buildings

The benefits of a pre-engineered metal building come from the construction material itself - steel - and how the structure is built.

Quick Tips on How to Buy Steel Frame Structures

There are different ways to go about purchasing a steel frame building. We outlined three common ways and how the cost compares. Find out if a general contractor, broker, or a manufacturer are the best option for you.

Quonset Hut FAQs Answered

When you hear about the usefulness of steel buildings, the conversation usually steers towards the Quonset hut (aka arch steel building), the multipurpose structure that first popped up during World War II.

Real-world Prices for Steel Buildings Large and Small

BuyerZone regularly surveys its users to learn about their buying experience. We've compiled select responses to detail how much businesses and consumers paid for steel buildings.

Steel Building Manufacturers

With so many companies manufacturing steel buildings, the selection alone can be very confusing, not to mention the task of finding a reputable company. Here are some ways to find one, as well as a list of some well-regarded metal building manufacturers.

Steel Pole Building Accessories

The combination of pre-manufactured steel framing and supports with wooden floors and walls makes pole buildings an attractive choice for quick and inexpensive construction.

Which Portable Building Should You Choose?

Steel buildings, modular buildings and office trailers are all considered portable buildings. However, there are significant differences between each that will help you determine which meets your needs.

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