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The combination of pre-manufactured steel framing and supports with wooden floors and walls makes pole buildings an attractive choice for quick and inexpensive construction. However, a small extra investment of time and money can take your building from adequate to outstanding.

Here's a look at the extras to consider.


Insulation is one of the most significant add-ons you can make to a pole building. If you're going to be heating or cooling the building year-round, insulation is simply a must-have: you'll be wasting money without it. Get R-19 insulation to keep those energy costs down. Even if the building isn't going to be climate controlled, insulation can help protect the contents from temperature extremes and provide a more comfortable environment to work in.

Of course you'll need at least one, but adding extra and different types of doors can add to the functionality of your building. Extra walk doors are useful in larger pole buildings, and roll-up doors can be ordered in almost any size to accommodate even the largest vehicles or equipment.

Windows or skylights

Adding windows or skylights to your pole building is an inexpensive way to make it look more like traditional construction. If you or your employees will work in the building, natural light is also a great way to improve the work environment.

There are many types of windows to choose from, depending on your needs. Semi-opaque skylights add light without adding glare or direct sunlight. Windows can be set high enough to allow light and ventilation without reducing security. Available in standard or insulated models, windows for steel buildings slide horizontally and require no special framing customization in the design of the building itself. Expect to pay $120 to $170 per window and between $60 and $80 for a skylight.

More options, upgrades, and add-ons

While pole barns and warehouses can get away with relatively plain or featureless exteriors, some extra effort on the appearance can make your new building better fit into its surroundings. Upgrades to siding or exterior paint and awnings or canopies on main doorways can make the building look more like a traditionally-constructed structure, instead of a pole building.

Popular selections include:

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