Storage Containers

Storage Containers

How to Find the Best Storage Container Companies

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No matter how expansive your facility, excess stock, supplies, or equipment can be a common problem. Instead of liquidating excess inventory or using hallways and conference rooms for storage, consider working with a storage container company to find durable, weatherproof containers that can safely and securely store your goods.

Available for lease or purchase, new or used, storage containers provide the necessary space without new construction. No matter what you're storing, from office furniture and fixtures to food and other perishables, there are a number of sizes and types to choose from.

storage container

Shop around between storage container companies for the best deal.

Standard shipping containers come in 20-foot, 40-foot, and 45-foot lengths, with additional space available in high-cube (HC) models. Though an HC storage container isn't substantially bigger, it is a bit higher and can come in handy for machinery or oversized items that are just a little too big (by several inches) to fit in a standard container.

Comparing storage container companies

Like any other product or service, storage containers are a specialized niche with unique products designed for specific purposes. To find the one that's right for your current business needs, start by figuring out the category into which your storable goods fall.

For example:

Once you know the environmental considerations required, determine the total amount of storage space required by measuring the square footage of each object to be stored and then multiplying that by the number of objects for storage.

Next submit a free request for quotes through BuyerZone or conduct your own online research for suitable dealers. Then, talk to at least 4 to 6 shipping container dealers to become familiar with the products and services they offer. This will quickly help you determine which one provides the best mix of quality, service, and cost in relation to your needs.

Plus, since you're going to be responsible for all shipping charges related to your container, the best storage container companies might be those located within close proximity to your location. If possible, try to find a company within 25 to 75 miles of your office to keep your transportation costs down.

A few more characteristics of the best storage container companies

Popular companies

While your decision will ultimately be determined by the company that provides the right combination of size and value, there are a few large companies who've proven themselves though their commitment to service and quality.

These include:

Door to Door - Specializes in a full range of portable storage containers, with a specific focus on moving. They offer delivery of 1 to 5 containers to any home or business, with a pickup date that's pre-determined. Containers are dropped at the new location and when unpacking is complete, Door to Door returns to remove the empty containers. Door to Door also offers the option of wood containers that reportedly wick moisture and heat from the container's interior environment. They are also a wholly-owned corporation.

United Mayflower - Provides movable storage containers that are approximately 6' long, 8' wide and 8' high. In contrast to other providers, United Mayflower's units have smooth walls which reportedly ease the process of loading and unloading. In addition to online pricing for long distance and moving and storage, they also allow you to order supplies like moving boxes, tie-down rope, and padlocks via the web. Plus, current advertising claims to "beat or match" a competitor's price.

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