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Real-world Storage Container Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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Whether you're going to use it for basic storage, a temporary workspace, or something more creative, a storage container is an inexpensive way to solve all kinds of problems. But what are typical storage container prices? We've surveyed thousands of our users who purchased and rented containers to help you learn exactly what you should expect to pay.

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Storage Container

Storage containers can help you keep things safe and tucked away.

You'll have to decide whether you want to purchase or rent your storage container. Purchasing is worth the investment if you intend to keep the container for years, or abuse it to the point where you won't be able to return it in reasonable condition. Leasing or renting are better options if you only need a storage container for a short time, or you just want to spread out your payments.

Beyond the base price, one of the main costs you'll encounter is shipping. Shipping costs will depend primarily on your distance from the dealer, although if you choose an oversize container, you may have to pay extra due to the hassles of transporting them. If you're leasing a container, you'll pay both delivery and pick up charges. Other fees to keep in mind include additional doors, custom paint requests, and heavy-duty locks.

Another decision you'll have is whether to buy new or used. Many businesses buy new containers because they don't want to concern themselves over quality or wind up with a rusty old eyesore. However, used containers can often be refurbished to look like new and can even be customized with similar features for a lower price. Used containers should be carefully examined to make sure they're completely refurbished and not just freshly painted. Also keep in mind that even 'new' containers have some miles on them - they're manufactured in China and shipped here full to avoid the waste of shipping empty containers across the ocean.

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