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Storage Containers

Pricing for Small Storage Containers (20' Long)

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask how their purchases went. We've provided a sampling of responses from businesses that bought small storage containers (20' long). You can also read responses from companies who purchased large containers (40' long) or specially-sized containers.

20' storage containers (1,170 cubic feet) are best if you frequently move materials in and out of the unit, or need to easily reach items stored in the back. You can also save space by stacking two 20' storage containers on top of each other. As you'll see with some of the prices below, you can earn better rates if you purchase multiple containers.

Small Sized Storage Containers

Storage container vendors typically offer three pricing options. If you can afford to spend a few thousand dollars up front and intend to use the containers for several years, new containers are the best choice. Cost-conscious businesses can find quality used containers that have been fully refurbished for a fraction of the cost. If you only need containers for a few weeks or months, you can rent containers and have them picked up from your location when you're done.

With all purchasing options, you need to consider other expenses which can add to your costs like delivery and installation, or add-on features such as extra doors or custom paint jobs.

New 20' storage container prices

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Used 20' storage container prices

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20' storage container rental prices

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Information was provided by users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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