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Storage Containers

Pricing for Special Order Storage Containers

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We regularly survey BuyerZone users to ask how their purchases went. We've provided a sampling of responses from businesses that paid for special order storage containers. You can also read responses from companies who purchased small storage containers or large storage containers

While most storage containers typically feature lengths of 20' and 40', some vendors offer less common sizes like 10' or 48'. These containers are specially constructed from 20' and 40' models - they're either cut into multiple small units or welded to create larger models. You'll pay more, but you can get the exact size containers to suit your needs.

Storage Container

Special size storage containers can be a great solution for custom needs.

In addition to offering different container lengths, some vendors sell high cube containers that feature larger internal heights for additional clearance. You can also special order containers for specific purposes such as refrigerated containers (or "reefers") to store perishable items, or a large container to use as temporary office space.

Storage Container Pricing

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