Storage Containers

Storage Containers

Asset Protection Options During Renovations and Remodels

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If you're doing a remodeling project and are running into problems like your cluttered possessions are making it impossible to move in your own house or office, don't stress over it. There's an easy solution: renovation storage. It's so easy to get into a remodeling project, thinking it won't be that big of a deal, only to see it turn into a major home renovation. When projects grow like that, you end up with a lot of stuff that simply has no place to go while you're working on your project.

Building Renovation Storage

If your remodeling project is turning out larger than you expected, as so many do, you might end up asking yourself what you are going to do with all your stuff. After all, you can't safely keep tripping over boxes and buckets in the hallway and you can't use furniture that's buried under boxes. Renovation storage solutions provide an answer to the question of where to put all that stuff, whether your needs are long-term or for a shorter period of time.

Short-term storage

As a short-term solution, portable storage containers provides a convenient way to load your things in a lockable wood and fiberglass container while renovating your home. This temporary storage option lets you keep your things close to home, but securely and neatly out of the way.

Steel storage containers, as short as six feet in length and as long as 54 feet, also provide a handy place to put your possessions on a short-term basis. When shopping around for the right storage solution, discuss your needs with the sales rep at the storage facility, asking about climate control to keep furniture clean or ventilation needs for gasoline-operated tools. Also be sure you know your city's zoning laws before placing one of these units, if improperly located, you might end up with a citation or fine.

Long-term storage

Building Renovation Storage

While portable storage containers can be a good short-term storage option, they work equally well as a long-term storage solution, because the company will pick up the loaded portable storage containers and take them to a secure facility for storage until you are ready to bring your things home. That means your neighbors won't be complaining about the storage container sitting in the yard and you can easily accommodate your city's zoning laws.

In addition to long-term remodeling projects, you might find you need your renovation storage container a bit longer to store things you just don't have room for in your garage or home. Storage containers create a handy way to store seasonal things such as lawn mowers, gardening tools, lawn furniture, and sport vehicles such as boats, snowmobiles, and motorcycles.

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