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What to Look For in The Best Link Building Services

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If you're looking to optimize your company's search engine results, you may be in the market for a search marketing firm that provides link-building services. Link-building is a service offered by many SEO providers that work to build company credibility and popularity online.

Search engines like Google rank search results based on a wide variety of factors in order to make sure websites with the "best fit" (and the least spam) are more likely to make the first page. One way the engines do this is to analyze the number of links to your site that exist on the internet. In short, the more links to your business, the better your search result.

Today, many of the top Internet marketing companies offer link building services as part of their total SEO package. Other SEO services they provide in addition to link-building include:

Along with these other services, link-building provides a great way to supplement a cohesive online marketing plan. If you're looking for a link-building service, it's your best bet to go with a company that can provide all the services listed above to support a cohesive online marketing plan.

Additionally, search for an internet marketing company that will work with your business to create a tailored marketing plan that will improve search results and click-through rates. You don't want to go with a plan that is one-size-fits-all and applies the same SEO strategies for every client.

Best Practices for Modern Link-Building

It's important to keep SEO tactics up-to-date because search engine algorithms are always changing to keep results accurate. To keep your website at the top of the results, you need to find strategies to retain site relevance and popularity.

  1. Utilize "Manual Outreach" to Increase Links and Mentions
    Reach out to popular websites or blogs in your niche and ask authors to include links to your site in their web content. Provide a value-proposition explaining why your site would be a great fit for their site and how their readers will benefit from your link's presence.
    Make sure the sites you reach out to are "high trust" sites, that is, they are well-regarded sites that are highly ranked themselves. Search engine algorithm's take into account the quality of the site providing the links and getting your site listed on leading blogs or company sites will provide a boon to your own listings.
  2. Create-Your-Own
    It's likely that thousands of well-read sites in your field have guest books and comments sections that readers read and can contribute to. By planting a link to your blog or site in the comments section, you create a higher "density" of your link on the web as well as the opportunity for other readers to click-through to your site. In terms of search engines, this link is not weighted as heavily as the others, but it still counts for something and is worth incorporating into your site marketing strategy.
  3. Attract "Natural Links"
    Of course the best way to get attention is to create solid content that becomes a major online resource in your niche. By creating superior quality content, other sites in your field will "naturally" link to your site. This requires no additional work by your SEO, but does require your site to be reliable and high quality.
    Search engines can also detect how recently your site has been linked to. In order to keep Natural Links up and recent, your site needs to generate a steady stream of quality content and maintain influence.

What to Look for in a Link-Building Service

As you begin to shop around online for an Internet marketing company with link building services, you can use these helpful tips from website owners who have been there, done that to select the right service to represent your brand:

  1. Avoid automation!
    One black hat, or unethical, SEO tactic that is often used for link building is called spinning, which spams a number of websites and blogs in the hopes of gaining back links. Unfortunately, this automated process will often backfire without providing any tangible results; for the best outcome in link building for SEO, links must be authentic and point back to a webpage with valuable content.
  2. Prioritize links with authority
    According to Google, back links to a website with authority provide even more value in improving search engine rankings. When choosing a link building service, go with a company that will provide links of quality versus quantity.
  3. Look for a diversified strategy
    A reputable link building service shouldn't focus on building any one type of link from a single source, which will limit the reach of your Internet marketing campaign. Diversified links are best in a number of different platforms like blogs, social networks, and directories from multiple websites to make your back links as naturally valuable as possible.
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