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Online Marketing Services

Leading Social Media Marketing Companies

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Social media marketing has morphed from Internet phenomenon to business management staple in the past few years, causing most online business owners to consider hiring one of many social media marketing companies to promote their brand. With 2.5 billion people on the planet regularly using the internet and 1.8 billion of them on social networks, utilizing social media marketing is the ideal way to reach a wider audience.

Popular Services Provided by Social Media Marketers

Before you blindly sign up for service with a social media marketing company, it's important to know exactly what you will be getting and how it will benefit your website.

Although many social marketing companies are trained to use popular buzzwords like social media metrics and community engagement, what really counts is when a service can put their money where their mouth is and create a strategy offers your business results.

To give you a clear picture, it helps to compare leading companies and the popular services they provide to their clients:

Blue Fountain Media: A digital growth agency located in NY, it represents the likes of the NFL and Proctor and Gamble, this company has the market cornered on effective social media and internet marketing strategies. Included in their social media services they provide:

Virool: One of the top social media marketing companies in the world, Virool specializes in creating video campaigns guaranteed to go viral (Virool) and bring exposure and interest to your company. Representing huge companies like Sony, GM, Intel, and Colgate, it has a lot to offer in the way of increased brand awareness. They deliver:

Higher Visibility: Based in Memphis, their social media strategy focuses on engaging the community in your business' social media presence. They want to help companies grow relationships with customers that let consumers feel they can influence their favorite brands! They provide services such as:

Their short list encompasses social network advertising, online reputation management, and quality back linking to improve a website's visibility.

Evidently, social media marketing companies offer diverse services that may or may not meet your business's needs. To make sure that your advertising dollar is well spent when outsourcing social media marketing, request proposals and quotes in advance to compare both price and quality of service before making a final decision.

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