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Postage Meters

Choosing the Best Postage Meter Company

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While the mail room might not play the same central role that it used to for many businesses, the postage meter is still a fixture in offices everywhere. When you're shopping for a new postage meter, you'll probably take the time to identify what specs and features are important - but it's easy to overlook another important consideration: finding the best postage meter company to sell and service your machine is essential to getting the most out of your mailing equipment.

Postage Meter Reviews

Whether you've chosen the best postage meter provider for your needs isn't always apparent until either something goes wrong or you outgrow your current machine. That's why it's important to think about the long term before making a commitment. The best postage meter companies will work with you to provide a solution that meets your needs now and in the future - without breaking the bank.

Postage meter companies

Here are the four main postage meter companies operating in the US, and reviews about these top brands. Each of these companies are authorized United States Postal Service providers.

Pitney Bowes: the market leader in the US, familiar to most buyers.

FP Mailing Solutions (Francotyp-Postalia): target small and mid-sized businesses

Quadient: Bigger in Europe than the US

There are also three choices for printing postage directly from your PC: Pitney Bowes again,, and These options are extremely convenient for companies with relatively low mailing volumes: you don't need any additional equipment at all. But dedicated postage meters are usually a better choice if you're going to be processing high mail volumes and want to take advantage of features like envelope sealers.

To decide which provider is the best match for your situation, it's important to talk to several postage meter companies so you can compare their offers. You can use BuyerZone's postage meter price comparison service, or just look them all up online and make the calls yourself. Either way, you can use their responses to judge which companies are interested in selling you the best machine for your needs, and which ones just want to take you for as much as they can.

Be careful when signing any postage meter contract. Postage meters are always leased, not purchased, and you may get some pressure to sign a long-term lease to keep your costs down. That's fine - postage meter technology doesn't change very quickly, and if you've chosen the right meter to start with it's likely to meet your needs for a couple of years. Do be aware of auto-renewals and cancellation clauses: if you have to alter or cancel your lease due to changing business circumstances, you shouldn't have to pay unreasonable penalties.

Characteristics of the best postage meters companies

Here are a few more questions to consider in your search for the best postage meter company:

Ultimately, the best postage machine companies are those that treat your business like a partner, taking the time to understand your needs so they can offer a solution that you'll be happy with.

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