Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Backwall Displays Make Your Business Stand Out

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When you're looking for ways to separate your business form the competition at your next trade show, you'll need to invest time and resources in attractive, high-traffic booths and exhibits. Trade show backwall displays are one element of the booth design that can transform a good visitor experience into a great one. These displays are relatively easy to assemble and can enhance your company's brand and message with eye-pleasing, high-impact designs.

Types of trade show backwall displays

Tradeshow Backwall Display

Selecting the best trade show backwall display

When it's time to compare different types of available trade show backwall displays, you need to consider multiple factors, like:

Space requirements are often the biggest challenge for exhibitors, so finding customizable displays is essential. Whether your backwall display is made with fabric or plastic, you must select a size that fits most standard exhibition spaces so you can meet trade show guidelines and reuse the display for different events.

Your trade show budget will also play an important role in your selection process - you may need to negotiate with the vendor to find the best match at the right price. If you're a new client, ask about discounts or special promotions since they're more likely to accommodate your request to retain your future business.

Finally, consider the set up and take-down procedure for your backwall display. Some displays can be set up in less than one minute while others require some patience and considerable manpower to assemble. Consider your resources when you're looking at larger, more complex styles and designs.

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