Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Exhibit Rentals: Advantages and Disadvantages

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When you're searching for the right trade show exhibit, you don't want to compromise on quality just because your budget is limited. This leads many businesses to trade show exhibit rentals in order to manage the cost of attending and presenting at a trade show. This option offers several benefits for businesses working with a tight marketing budget and can be especially valuable for small companies or startups that only present at one or two shows per year.

If you've been thinking about attending a trade show to market and promote your company, consider these key benefits and drawbacks of using trade show booth rentals as part of the plan:

Trade show exhibit rental benefits

Trade show exhibit rentals offer several benefits for small, mid-size and large companies. Renting a booth, display or other necessary supplies can give you more flexibility in choosing a temporary look or theme for a specific event and can also be more convenient to order at the last minute.

Renting may be a good idea if you want to:

Tradeshow Rentals

Trade show exhibit rental drawbacks

While trade show exhibit rentals present several benefits, there are some drawbacks to keep in mind as you make your decision:

If your goal is to save on costs and possibly obtain a larger display, renting may be the best strategy for your company. Your overall costs can be lowered, considerably, when you choose to rent. The cost of an exhibit rental is 25% to 30% the investment of purchasing the same display. If your business is just getting started or only exhibits at a trade show once a year, this can be significant savings.

In addition, the money you will save on storage, maintenance, and renovation fees may prove your rented display to be a better choice, overall. Renting your display will allow you to maintain control over your budget, while putting more focus on your product. For example, a standard 10x10 trade show display would that costs $1,599.00 to buy, with additional costs to store and maintain, will cost significantly more than $1,120.00 rent the same display.

When in doubt, consider a rental exhibit to test a new product display at an upcoming trade show. A rental booth will allow you to advertise a product or service in a new market without having to invest in your own trade show display that could cost hundreds or thousands of dollars. When your company is ready to buy a trade show exhibit after testing, you'll know your money is well spent.

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