Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Advantages and Disadvantages of Used Trade Show Exhibits

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If your company is working with a tight marketing budget, trade show exhibits and booth rentals may become a low priority. However, setting up a booth at a trade show makes it easy to market your company and products to potential customers and clients and even promote your brand presence in your industry. Investing in used trade show exhibits presents one solution for keeping to your marketing budget without missing out on the opportunity to stimulate sales.

When you don't have the resources to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a trade show exhibit or display, consider the key benefits and drawbacks of purchasing a used trade show exhibit instead:

Key benefits of used trade show exhibits

Tradeshow Exhibit

Buying a used trade show exhibit can offer your business several immediate advantages, starting with:

Drawbacks of buying used trade show booths or displays

Buying used trade show displays or booths offers several monetary benefits, but there are some drawbacks when cutting costs with this approach:

Even when you're working with a tight marketing budget, investing towards the right resources can help increase sales and promote your company. Used trade show exhibits may be a valuable investment for companies that want to maintain a presence on the trade show floor without spending thousands of dollars in a new booth or display.

For small trade show display models at less than $500, buying used may be more trouble than it's worth. An inexpensive trade show exhibit may be better purchased brand-new from a display vendor. Conversely, buying used makes sense for a costlier modular exhibit that includes pedestals, workstations, counters, and a stage at over $20,000. Buying a more intricate trade exhibit used could save your company close to $10,000 off the top.

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