Trade Show Displays

Trade Show Displays

Types Of Exhibition Display

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When you're ready to display your business brand at a trade show, there are two types of displays from which to choose: pop-up exhibits or panel displays. Whether you opt for a pop-up or a panel, you're sure to find something that will properly convey your message and represent your brand at your next event.

Pop-up exhibits

A pop-up exhibition display, comprised of accordion-style folding frames covered with magnetic-backed fabric, vinyl, or plastic panels, is a convenient, portable option. When expanded and locked in place, they create curved or angled walls that stand on their own and make up the back wall of your booth.

This affordable display option features easy-to-replace frames and graphics, easing the task of updating your display when needed. Their light weight construction makes them easy to transport. A standard 10-foot exhibition display folds into one or two cases, each about the size of a large golf bag, and weighs as little as 70 pounds.

The downside of a pop-up display is that it offers little in the way of flexibility. Because the frame must be fully opened for stability, it cannot be adjusted to fit smaller or larger spaces. It also limits your ability to stand out in the crowd. In a sea of 10x10 pop-up booths, your brand may be lost in the shuffle and unable to attract the right consumer.

Panel displays

A panel exhibition display consists of fabric-covered rectangular sections, connected together to create a wall. Unlike pop-ups, panel displays can be arranged in a variety of configurations. This flexibility in design, allows for the same exhibition display to be used in different spaces. A more sturdy option than a pop-up, the panel display is durable and reliable.

However, despite its flexibility and stability, this type of display may also be heavier and difficult to assemble. Depending on the panel style, solid or folding, your display may be bulky to transport, and at risk for being damaged in the process.

There are a variety of exhibition displays that vary in terms of portability, price, and ease of assembly:

Choosing the right exhibition display

Choosing the right exhibition display for your business is sure to impact your trade show experience. Your goal of displaying your brand awareness and attracting potential customers can be met through careful consideration of the options available to you. If you're still unclear which exhibition display will work best for your company, BuyerZone's network of qualified vendors can help.

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