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Is a Coin Operated Lease Right For Your Business?

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Leasing a coin operated copier may be the perfect solution for small and mid-sized businesses, public institutions, as well as retail locations like gas stations and convenience stores. Why put out a substantial amount of money into a copy machine that will be used by the public, when other options are available?

Technology is quick to change. Computers, cell phones, and even copy machines are updated constantly. While a basic copier may cost $5,000, it might make more sense for a small business to sign a copier leasing contract for a more expensive copier that allows for faster copying. This makes them ideal for a wide range of applications, including:

The money your business makes off of a coin operated copier can cover the expense of a monthly copier lease, also enabling you to opt for copier leases that allow you to trade up for new equipment. This will keep you from having to make expensive new purchases to stay on top of the competition.

Most systems will be set up to provide the following functions automatically:

Financial benefits of a coin-operated copier

Service and maintenance contracts

Leasing a coin-operated copier can save you money on repair and maintenance bills, because the maintenance costs won't come out of your pocket. Most leasing contracts include a service and maintenance agreement. Service and maintenance agreements are vital because of the wear and tear that a copier experiences from public use.

A service contract will cover the entirety of the lease, whether your business opts for a one-year lease, three-year lease, or longer lease. When you're comparing copier lease rates, remember that service contracts differ between companies. Parts and labor are typical options found in a service contract while consumables such as paper are rarely included.

How much can you make?

That will depend on your location, the number of machines you install, and the price per page you charge. But on average, figure 10 cents per page (which also includes faxing and scanning). If you position your machine in a high traffic area and your users run 1,000 copies a day, that results in revenue of $100 a day, $700 a week, and around $3,000 each month (not taking into account the cost of toner and paper).

Keep these figures and the potential of a coin-operated setup in mind when considering a copy machine lease. With coin operation, you will have financial flexibility - no big output for state of the art copier equipment - and you earn money on top of it!

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