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Digital Copiers

How to Find the Best Kyocera Copystar Copier for Your Business

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For small businesses and enterprises alike, Kyocera Mita has become a recognized name for its quality Copystar copy machines. Kyocera Mita copiers can either be purchased or leased depending on the needs or budget of your business. Kyocera Copystar copiers are perhaps the more well-known brand of copiers, though Copystar is a division of Kyocera Mita America.

User reviews are largely positive, highlighting productivity features in combination with a reasonable price. For example, the machines are noted as toner-friendly, capable of producing 15,000 color images in some cases before running out of ink. Additional color-related conveniences include a variety of color modes, enabling you to modify your images to improve appearance or conserve ink.

Duty cycles also top many users' lists, reportedly higher in some cases than other models within the same class. And with an average output of 35 ppm and only 25 seconds from warm-up to print, many Kyocera Mita copiers are said to be highly functional and easily integrated into a wide range business types and sizes.

Which copiers are best for a small business?

For businesses of more than five employees, a Kyocera Copystar workgroup copier is usually the best solution. These copiers are multifunction black and white machines that copy and print at a speed of 25 to 40 pages per minute.

There are six different models, described below.

Which copiers are best for a home office?

For home business offices, a low-volume digital copier from Kyocera Copystar might be the best solution. Most people upgrade from an inkjet to a digital copier because of the many cost and efficiency drawbacks of an inkjet machine (including the high cost of cartridges, the slow speed, the annoying task of constantly replacing small cartridges, etc.)

There are three low-volume digital Kyocera Mita copiers that can meet the needs of a home office:

  1. TASKalfa 180 is a low volume digital copier for A4 and A3 paper types. It's also an optional network and GDI printer. Prints 18 pages per minute.
  2. TASKalfa 181 is a low volume digital copier which also handles A4 and A3 paper types. It's a network printer which comes with an optional fax machine and scanner. This machine also prints 18 ppm.
  3. TASKalfa 221 is a low volume digital copier for A4 and A3 paper types. It comes with a network printer and optional fax machine and scanner. It prints 22 ppm.

Kyocera has received much attention and acclaim by industry analysts and publications for its superb products, reliability, and network and software solutions.

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