Wide Format Printers and Plotters

Wide Format Printers and Plotters

How LED Plotters Compare to Pen and Inkjet Models

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LED Plotters

A plotter is basically a fancy name for a high-end printer, one capable of producing the same quality you'd get through a professional print house. But within that niche there are three specific varieties:

Ultimately, the best one is going to be the machine that fits your business needs. But a number of technological advancements have enabled LED plotters to eclipse the other two for certain business needs.

A quick rundown on pen and inkjet plotters

The pen-type plotter is one of the oldest designs. It works by moving one or more pens across the surface of the output medium, ranging from a variety of paper stocks to Mylar and vinyl. Produced in two different styles, drum and flatbed, both enable you to create high-quality line-art images for signs, banners, and other large-scale publications.

Taking a step up, an inkjet plotter uses a print head to spray ink onto the output medium. Available as either thermal or piezoelectric, they're popular for their ability to reproduce intricate images in absolute clarity - even when upsized to the largest scale.

Unique advantages of LED plotters

LED plotters are similar to conventional laser printers. They use dry toner and a heat source to print images on an output medium. But instead of using a laser as the heat source, these plotters use light-emitting diodes (LEDs). This technology provides a number of quality benefits you won't find in either pen or inkjet plotters, including:

Features to be on the lookout for

Some features are standard and some come optional. You can save some serious money by avoiding the bells and whistles you don't absolutely need. Here are some of the most popular standard features and enhancements.

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