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New and Used Golf Cart Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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BuyerZone regularly surveys its users to learn about their buying experience. We've compiled select responses to detail how much businesses and consumers paid for golf carts.

Pricing for new golf carts starts around $4,000 to $5,000 for basic models and reaches $8,000 to $10,000 for fully-featured vehicles. Extras like upholstery upgrades, fancy wheels and rims, custom paint jobs, or lights will all add to your costs. New golf carts come with a manufacturer's warranty that provides comprehensive coverage on critical parts during the first year, and longer-term protection on other parts.

Many smaller companies and individuals purchase used golf carts instead of new, since they're considerably less expensive. Two types of "used" carts are available: refurbished and "as is." Refurbished models are carefully inspected, cleaned, and fixed to look as good as new. In some cases, the dealer can even customize selected features, the same as they do for new golf carts. The dealer provides a warranty of at least 30 days to protect you against immediate breakdowns.

"As is" golf carts are also inspected, but the vendors don't put in as much work - they just want to sell them quickly. They're cheaper up front, but buying "as is" golf carts is much riskier: you won't receive any sort of warranty, and could end up with a vehicle that will cost you more in the long run.

New golf cart prices

"A Club Car for $8,600."

- Education facility, Long Beach, California

"The cart was $5,995- windshield $100 - ball washer/club cleaner $50 - subtotal was $6,145. Sales tax - $368.70. Delivery fee - $50 (Total, $6,563.70)."

- Publisher, Warsaw, Indiana

"$3,600; weather cover, new batteries. Club and ball washer, cooler; delivery, warranty, new tires. Complete rebuild of an '02 Club Car."

- Financial services CEO, Austin, Texas

"$3,875 - Headlight and taillight kit - Extended seat that folds down - Railing around extended seat - Floor mat."

- Real estate sales, Diamondhead, Mississippi

"2006 600cc Honda ATV with automatic transmission, big basket on back, pickup & repair warranty, and free delivery - $7,175."

- Ranch owner, Luling, Texas

"$10,000 each (we bought 2 units.)"

- Real estate partner, Provo, Utah

"$27,409 - Heavy duty 91 inch wheelbase, 14 inch folding steel stake sides, deluxe light package, and low oil warning light."

- Restaurant owner, San Diego, California

"$6,000 - new 6-passenger cart."

- Real estate broker, Stockton, California

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Used golf cart prices

"Bought a Club Car for $6,700. The fact that it is a remanufactured 2002, but everything is completely new on it, and we were more concerned about all of the bells and whistles, color choices, quality, warranty, seats, etc., than we were concerned about the year. Also, if the cart doesn't start or we have problems, these people will service it while we wait or pick it up if necessary. This is HUGE for people in a senior community!"

- Financial services provider, The Villages, Florida

"Club Car XRT 550, ll hp engine, heavy duty tires, windshield, cargo box, gas gauge, hour gauge, windshield, brush guard, top, key. $5,400 with no tax (agricultural use in Texas.)"

- Agriculturist, Streetman, Texas

"2003 E-Z-Go 30-day warranty on everything. Mag wheels and rear seat for $2,395."

- Wholesaler, Lancaster, Pennsylvania

"I got a fully equipped 2004 Yamaha Gas Cart for $5,200. It was rarely used and was like new."

- Sales consultant, Goodyear, Arizona

"I paid $2,000 to Tri-state Golf Carts in Port Jarvis, New York with $75 for shipping a 2000 E-Z-Go cart."

- Retail accountant, South River, New Jersey

"1999 Club Car golf cart: $2,200. It has a top, fold down windshield, headlights, taillights, brake lights, pinstriped paint, and a lockable Woodgrail dash board with extra cup holders."

- Business service provider, Hobart, Indiana

"$3,500 for 2003 refurbished model - new body, new wheel covers, new rear view mirror, battery charger, headlights, taillights, upgraded computer chip. Delivered."

- Sales VP, Denton, Texas

"Clays Car, front basket, gas engine, back fold seat, 10" tires, top, horn, delivery, 2-yr warranty for $6,000."

- Construction office manager, Denham Springs, Louisiana

"$4,000 for a completely rigged out 2004 Club Car electric. Complete with enclosure, headlights, taillights, turn signals, horn, and a one-year warranty. Delivered to my club and the trade in taken away. Delivery was free."

- Educator, Georgetown, Texas

"Paid $2,400 for a 2002 Club Car all new batteries & tires, new paint & wheel covers & new battery charger."

- Business service provider, Glencoe, Alabama

"I paid $5,200 for a 2004 Yamaha Ultima Plus Gas Golf Cart. It was like new with many extras."

- IT consultant, Goodyear, Arizona

"I purchased a Club Car Precedent that seats 4 passengers and it was a 2005 demo for $4,800."

- Business development, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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