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Commercial and Recreational Golf Cart Prices from BuyerZone Buyers

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BuyerZone regularly surveys its users to learn about their buying experience. We've compiled select responses to detail how much businesses and consumers paid for golf cart.

Businesses that rely on golf carts or utility vehicles will typically choose heavy-duty vehicles that can handle more intense jobs for longer periods of time. While golf carts are useful to provide transportation on a lengthy golf course or inside a factory, commercial utility vehicles are best to carry personnel from one site to another or to haul hefty loads on manufacturing sites, sports complexes, universities, and farms.

A typical golf cart for recreational use should hold two to four people, their golf gear, and a cooler. If you're looking to drive around a gated community or quiet neighborhood where local laws permit them, utility vehicles are an affordable means of light transportation. You can also add safety features to a golf cart to make it street-legal. Because of the high price tag for new golf carts and utility vehicles, recreational users will typically seek out refurbished golf carts which cost several thousand dollars less.

While vehicle upkeep is important for both uses, commercial businesses may want to consider a maintenance contract to make sure breakdowns don't impact their operations.

Commercial golf cart prices

"$27,409 - Heavy duty 91 inch wheelbase, 14 inch folding steel stake sides, deluxe light package, and low oil warning light."

-- Restaurant owner, San Diego, California

"We purchased 12 used eight-passenger gasoline carts at a real cost of $3,000 each."

-- Non-profit consultant, Brandon, Florida

"$11,500 for a food/beverage cart."

-- Beverage wholesaler, Wenatchee, Washington

"Cost was $5,954 with a trailer and extras."

-- Retail general manager, Houston, Texas

"$10,000 each (we bought 2 units.)"

-- Real estate partner, Provo, Utah

"Paid approx. $6,500 - 2002 6-passenger car, new batteries, refurbished body, new tires."

-- Educator, Sacramento, California

"$2,100 (we are non-profit) for a 2000 E-Z-Go with fairly new tires and batteries and a new box."

-- Purchasing manager, Loveland, Colorado

"$4,295. Candy apple red, new, 48-volt electric golf cart with top."

-- Equipment retailer, Spicer, Minnesota

"$9,225 - Added 5 panel rearview mirror - chrome hub caps."

-- Health care administrator, Long Beach, California

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Recreational golf cart prices

"I purchased a 2000 Club Car for $2,075 plus tax and title. Apache added a new windshield, headlights, and a rearview mirror for the unit all included in the above cost."

-- Logistics business owner, Glendale, Arizona

"$3,000. It has oversized tires and wheels, rear deck that can be used to haul objects, and it converts to a rear two seater. Battery charger (electric) - Brand E-Z-Go - Used as a fun ride for my granddaughter on personal property."

-- Consumer, White Cloud, Michigan

"2003 Club Car with bed, top, windshield, 48v system, lift kit, larger turf tires, and smart charger. Batteries are 2005 stamped. Will deliver to my house, no additional charge. Total price: $2,300."

-- Wholesaler, Jonesboro, Arkansas

"$1,825 for a 2003 E-Z-Go golf cart with charger and spare tire. It is in excellent condition. I have it and am using it regularly."

-- Real estate CEO, White Lake, New York

"$4,000 Electric E-Z-Go Cart, 36 Volt, street legal, drink cooler, and ball washer."

-- Real estate owner, Prescott, Arizona

"Cart was used 1999 model (electric). I paid $1,600 for it."

-- Business service provider, Troy, Missouri

"$1,720. Windshield, ball washer, 30-day warranty."

-- Agriculture CEO, Ottawa, Kansas

"$3,600 for a used unit. Had head lights put on it."

-- Real estate marketer, Crestview, Florida

"$3,200 - 2002 model Club Car with windshield/hub caps/aluminum fold down seat for 4."

-- Consumer, Weslaco, Texas

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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