Ice Machines

Ice Machines

Taking Steps Towards a Quality Installation Process

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In the life cycle of commercial food service equipment, the installation may be the most crucial. Proper installation can determine the level of customer satisfaction. A poor installation can affect everyone involved, from the manufacturer to the customer. When preparing to have a commercial ice maker installed, be sure to do the following:

What to expect

A professional supplier will remain available long after your ice maker has been installed. They will ensure that your equipment is running properly, and avoid having your warranty voided. Equipment that is not installed properly can be subject to scrutiny when it comes to a warranty claim.

In addition, prior to your installation, a competent delivery service will stage and warehouse your equipment until it is ready for your scheduled delivery date.

Quite often, plugging in and running your machine does not complete the installation process. A reputable delivery service will also follow up with a visit, long after your ice machine has been installed. A proper inspection, demo, start-up and performance check should be done following the install and after the machine has been up and running.

Cooperation and teamwork is necessary in a proper installation of all food service equipment. When you prepare your business location for all of the necessary installation steps and work closely with the professionals you have hired, customer satisfaction is likely to follow.

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