Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Control Anywhere Through Your Phone

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A large number of home and business owners today have invested in security software and equipment to protect their property. Many security firms these days also include cell phone surveillance software in their standard security setup. You can use your cell phone to view and even control the surveillance cameras set up around your property over the Internet or the wireless network in the house.

There are do-it-yourself solutions if you are comfortable with selecting and installing the cameras and connecting them to your network. If you are not capable of doing that, there are many top notch security firms that can do all of that for you.

Regardless of how they are installed, there are reputable and high quality applications, software and systems that you can control from your smartphone.

e-Home automation and controls

E-Home Automation is a firm based in Dubai that provides solutions for homes and businesses in the realm of security and house control software. One of their leading applications is an iPhone app known as e-Home Controls. It is basically a client that can be used from anywhere in the world to connect to your security system using an iPhone, iPod Touch and there is an Android app as well. Hardware such as security cameras, motion sensors, alarms and lights are all controllable from your device for roughly $17.

Devices can be grouped into categories using the application to your choosing and all controlled at once. For example, you could use a motion detector aimed at your front door or path leading up to your house and group the path lights, the front door light and the security camera all into one category that would automatically turn on all at the same time depending on if the motion detector triggers something.

Devices can also be set up to logically respond to various events and conditions. For example, you can put the house to sleep every night at 10 p.m., which also enables garden night-lighting and dims the lights inside the house. Security cameras can be turned on at the same time automatically. Other conditions can also be set up that need to be met - such as weekday/weekend, door-locking can be a trigger that turns on security devices and you can also set up some sort of an emergency "all lights off" function.

Control4 MyHome app

The Control4 company has been providing security, energy, lighting and a variety of other features for ultra modern homes. It has been at the forefront of innovative technologies for years. Some of their security features to protect your home and business are:

The Control4 security system can be controlled through their proprietary MyHome iPhone surveillance app, which is free and available on popular cell and tablet devices, including Apple and Android. If you do not have a compatible device, you can still use the portable device they provide.

The biggest drawback to the Control4 system is that as it is part of a proprietary system. You cannot use any existing security devices with the system. You are forced to purchase Control4 devices if you want to integrate the home security seamlessly. This may seem like a disadvantage. There are advantages as well. You do not have to worry about whether a device is compatible. You can get a significant security package that covers everything you need for a convenient price. If you were using standalone software compatible with many devices, you would have to do more research yourself and you may not be able to find a qualified and trusted technician to help you with installation.

First Alert

The First Alert Total Connect application is available for download on the iTunes store or Google Play. It is provided by Honeywell Security & Communications, one of the oldest and most reliable security companies in the country. The software is primarily designed to work with Honeywell security installations, such as the AlarmNet Services they offer on their website.

Software features

The First Alert software, Total Connect, has a variety of useful features. First of all, it is compatible with Apple and Android. Secondly, it is aesthetically designed and many reviewers have commented on how comfortable it is to use. The basic dashboard is completely customizable, allowing you to hide or show information that you wish to have access to at all times.

Security Tab. The main feature and main security tab contains a very simple user interface to instantly arm or disarm your preset security conditions with a touch of the device. A green house with an unlocked lock shows you that your business is accessible, so it is instantly easy to see what needs to be done.

Video Tab. The second video tab on the First Alert Total Connect app has a display of 6 small windows that can let you view simultaneous video cameras at once. The picture is clear, full-color and high resolution. You obviously need not be logged in all the time, but when you do have to log in response to a security breach, then it's very easy to see quickly what the issue is and to respond accordingly.

In addition, individual cameras can be focused and controlled through pan, tilt and zoom functions, allowing you to zero in on suspicious activity and determine if it's worth calling security or not. This reduces the amount of false alarms and the significant fines involved.

Events Tab. An intuitive events tab allows you to see and respond to any particular device that has been triggered. Each device in the array of Honeywell security devices is integrated into the user interface and can be controlled easily by the push of a few buttons. Email and paging notifications are available so that you only log and view your videos when you absolutely need to.

As a business owner, you will obviously give some limited access to certain staff when it comes to managing your security information. If you own a store or retail outlet of some sort, then it's clear that staff will be entering and exiting your premises at certain times of the day. The events tab lets you monitor if staff arrive in time to open your store and leave when they're supposed to at closing time. If they stay behind to get extra work done, you can also monitor their actual time of leaving when they secured the premises. There are no limits to the amount of notifications that you can set up either.

Keypad Tab. The keypad tab allows you to securely alter the condition of the various devices around your business while you are away. Encryption and password technology assure that only those with the correct security clearance and knowledge of passwords are able to operate the remote surveillance features.

Other features

The application is not just for small businesses. Up to one hundred sites can be managed from a single login, making it ideal for executives who monitor individual franchises or heads of security.

When adding new authorized users, the application also supports facial recognition, making it easy to add layers of security to already existing passwords or other biometric data to allow access to your sites.

First Alert pricing is completely free. It is intended to work with Honeywell security systems and their devices so that may be limiting factor. It is usually used as part of a complete security package provided by Honeywell.

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