Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

What to Look for in a DVR Security System

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If the cameras are the stars of a CCTV system, the DVR is the director and producer. Digital video recorders (DVRs) serve the function of acting as a receiver of the video taken by installed cameras. DVRs will then record the footage to be viewed later, upload it to the cloud (if it is networkable), and/or provide live feeds.

DVRs vary in functions beyond recording and allowing owners to view live video however; and there's where the questions start. To help you decide what you need for your particular business, here is a rough questions guide to help you.

Network vs. no network

Networked DVRs give the user the opportunity to upload to the cloud or outside storage such as a computer hard drive. For those who already have a network installed in their facility, there's really no reason not to install a networkable DVR. For those who have yet to establish an in-house network solution, the question is a little more about whether one intends to do so anyway.

Installing a network just for a DVR is not really economical at all. If there is not a suitable network available, looking for a DVR that makes back-ups (on DVD or hard drive) automatically, is a good idea. This is a less expensive alternative to installing switches, routers and the necessary infrastructure to support them.

Options to look for

DVRs can come with a myriad of options to consider. A few of the newer options should be looked at carefully as they are relatively inexpensive upgrades that can save the purchaser massive amounts of time and money in the long haul, for just a few dollars extra today.

Here are a few options to consider:

Choosing the right DVR for your facility is every bit as important as the types of cameras you install. Ultimately, it is the DVR that will be used to reference back to whatever event you wish to review. Whereas camera upgrades and new monitors can be relatively inexpensive, replacing and upgrading your DVR can be a laborious and expensive affair; purchasing the right one the first time could make all the difference in the world down the line.

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