Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Top-Rated GE Security System Reviews

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GE Security Systems is a division of UTC Fire & Security and has had a worldwide presence since 2010. The brands that GE sells can be traced back to the early 19th century innovations in both home security and safety. This pedigree defines GE as a pre-eminent supplier of surveillance equipment and security systems.

GE sells a variety of products such as access control (software, cards, readers), video surveillance (cameras and monitoring software), intrusion detection (detectors and panels) and transmission (networking, fiber and UTP). Our main focus with be on surveillance, however. The cameras discussed below are provided by GE. Included are some of their features, capabilities and prices.

Dome security cameras

The GE Security TVD-TIR-HR TruVision IR Dome Camera is a good example of a popular camera that can be used for a variety of security functions outside of both homes and businesses. It not only has a 3.5mm - 8.0mm AI Varifocal lens, but it also has a 20 meter infrared range that lets you see up to 50 feet in the dark, making it a perfect "catch all" solution.

The video image is rated as high resolution at 580TVL. Additionally, the camera is IP66 compliant which means that it has an ingress protection of the highest level against dust (6) and for liquids it has a very high rating (6 out of 8). It is not suitable for continuous submersion underwater, but can hold up to just about any rain storm that comes its way as well as high seas and occasional splashing like one might see pool side.

Night-viewing/infrared cameras

Most cameras have both day/night capabilities, making the need to purchase a solely infrared camera a rarity. The TruVision line of products by GE Security also has a version of light/low light camera. The Truvision Cam IR Bullet (TVC-BIR-HR-P) can be used in light as well as in low light situations or at night. There camera detects the amount of ambient light and adjusts its settings as needed.

The high resolution varifocal lens camera is IP67 compliant, which means it is dustproof and for all purposes waterproof, but not submersible. This camera can work at temperatures of -10 to 50øC. The lens type is a 6-50mm varifocal lens and it has an infrared range of 55 meters, allowing facial recognition and license plate reading in complete darkness.

This GE Security System camera is compatible with all analog CCTV recording devices and equipment and cost about $200 each.

IP cameras

The UltraView Cam IP series from GE Security is one of the most high-resolution security cameras currently on the market. It can record at up to 3MP by day ot night. Other standard features are the ability to enlarge images when reviewing video, full-motion, progressive scan video at 20 frames per second with a 1920x1200 resolution, day/night model automatically switches from color to monochrome, MJPG compression with 21 levels of quality. The camera can operate at colder temperatures (32 to 122øF).

In addition to its outstanding performance, the IP series can be installed on a network for remote viewing and review. This also allows for footage to be stored on the cloud or copied to DVD. The average cost online is about $750.

Wireless solutions

Wireless technology is becoming extremely popular when it comes to security cameras. The GE 45236 wireless color camera, which also comes with a portable 2.5 LCD monitor is a good option for solving many security issues. Prices run about $300 per unit. Setting up the system is relativity easy and requires no special equipment. The wireless camera system uses its own wireless network so will not interfere with any other technologies in the building.


The GE Security System A0006A501 CyberDome 22X Color Camera is built and designed for installation in one-hour fire-rated ceilings. It's certified by the American Standard Testing (AST) standard. A 1-inch thick insulation blanket is also installed along with the fire-rated housing which reduces heat transfer which helps protect the camera from fires. The idea behind these cameras is to allow shots to still be available during a blaze. Corridor cameras of this type can act as a way to detect those who might be trapped in a fire.

These types and models of cameras added to GE's library increase an already impressive line of security equipment. While it is rare that a facility will need just one camera type, knowing the options available through GE will help business owners customize their own security camera solution.

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