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Video Surveillance Systems

Top-Rated Lorex Camera Reviews

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Lorex Technology Inc. has been producing a variety of security products for many years and is considered one of the market leaders in the industry. The versatility of the Lorex portfolio of cameras means they can be used in many different security situations.

Whether you're looking for a waterproof, CCTV, night vision or indoor/outdoor dome, Lorex Technologies will have a variety of suitable models to choose from.

Waterproof/outdoor cameras

The most significant determiner in deciding what a camera's outdoor capabilities are is its IP rating, also known as Ingress Protection, or how well it keeps water and particles out. The IP rating is broken down into two numbers: on a scale of 1-6 for dust protection and on a scale of 1-8 for waterproof factors. An ideal camera for outdoors use has an IP66 rating, meaning it is completely dust proof and is also largely waterproof.

These cameras can be used on boats or yachts, but are not able to be submersed in water for any length of time. For underwater use you will need an IP67 or IP68, a 68 being completely dust and water proof.

The Lorex Catalogue

Here are a few of the more popular models to consider:

One of the most inexpensive Lorex security solutions with outdoor capabilities is the CVC6973.

Main features:

While the range of these units is only 10 meters at night, they are still a viable option. Typically, these units sell for $90, making them a very cost-effective outdoor solution.

Night vision Lorex cameras

The CVC6994CL model from Lorex has an advanced high resolution image sensor which produces sharp 450 TV lines of video.

Other features:

With an automatic support of changing light conditions and extended night vision range, this camera have a lot going for it as far as covering virtually any space, indoors or out. The camera has a mid-range cost of $120.

CCTV Camera

CCTV cameras have the potential of being networked into an existing infrastructure without the mess associated with installing a networking switch (a DVR will do in most cases). A good Lorex indoor/outdoor CCTV camera that also has night vision and an image sensor is the CVC6993R.


A single unit will cost around for $140. These do units come in single, 2-packs and 4-packs though, making them more cost effective when purchasing them in a higher volume.

Vandal Resistant Cameras

The VQ1536HR is a good example of a vandal resistant Lorex camera. It can actually withstand an impact from a 10lb sledge hammer. It is also IP67 compliant, can be mounted on a wall or a ceiling and has day/night mode with automatic switching based on light conditions.

Other features:

Much like a majority of Lorex cameras, the VQ1536HR is very affordable at $130 per unit.

Lorex Dome camera

The VQ1636HR is also a vandal resistant dome camera that cohas the added benefit of being in a dome. One of the biggest advantages of domes is that the average person cannot tell where the camera is focused. Another added advantage is the ability to install “blanks”; domes without cameras.

Main features:

These units cost $200. Blank domes can be purchased for much less adding to your deterring presence.

These are just a few of the options that Lorex offers their customers. Knowing exactly where you will be needing cameras and what conditions they will have to function in is key to choosing the right camera for you. Lorex gives you the option to choose without having to give up on clarity and quality of image.

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