Video Surveillance Systems

Video Surveillance Systems

Outdoor Video Surveillance Cameras You Can Afford

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The main features that you want to look for when you're setting up an outdoor video surveillance system in a camera are that it is both water and dust proof, and that it can function at low temperatures. The way the casing is designed determines its IP value and the low temperatures are often dealt with using insulation or a camera heater.

Most outdoor video surveillance systems also need to account for changes in lighting and have a combination color mode for daytime use and an infrared mode for night-use that produces black and white videos.

Logitech outdoor video security master system network camera

This Logitech Network Camera is a complete security solution for outdoor video surveillance. It comes supplied with a basic camera, but which is still good for outdoor use in all seasons. It is compliant with the IP (Ingress Protocol) regulations being both weather and dust proof. These cameras can be fully integrated into a security system by installing a software package on the computer that hosts the camera. The cost is fairly reasonable at $140-$150.

Main features:

Alfa Weatherproof infrared CCD internet security camera

The Alfa IR Internet Camera is one of the most expensive one this list, costing $200. The Alfa IR does come with two way audio making it a natural for video intercoms as well as security as the operator can speak to anyone who is being observed by the camera versus just receiving audio from the camera end.

Because the camera is also power over Ethernet compliant, it can be sited in places where electricity is difficult to put or where a network switch is the preferred installation method for networking purposes. The rugged all-weather aluminum housing is suitable for any environmental conditions.

Standard features:

Hi Resolution 420 TVL 1/3 Sony CCD 3.6MM lens home security IR camera

This weatherproof day/night camera functions in all lighting conditions, from low to high lighting environments and all those in between. The 420 TVL has a built-in long range IR illuminator as well, making it a solid choice for outdoor areas where lighting is poor at night. The weatherproof housing and the sunshield assure that this hi resolution will function in any atmosphere without having any "blind times" during a 24 hour period.

Other features:

Lorex LW2100 CCTV camera for outdoor video surveillance

The Lorex LW2100 camera is a wireless model, allowing remote monitoring of your camera without cables that can be cut. It can be used both indoors and outdoors in all lighting conditions. The camera is completely weatherproof as well and has a 2-way audio system for communicating with acquired subjects.

Reviewers noted that as long as the camera and receiver was within 150 feet of each other if inside, and 300 feet of each other if outside, functionality was not affected. The cost is also quite affordable at prices around $105 per unit.

Honeywell HD50, 1/3-in CCD vandal-resistant mini-dome security camera

This is a highly reliable camera from Honeywell which sells for arounf $120. This sturdy platform is completely vandal resistant, being able to withstand blows from sledgehammers and other types of damage that might be reigned down upon it. While not completely waterproof, this camera comes close as it can withstand storms and splashing. Honeywell is one of the most trusted and reliable security firms, products like the HD50 are one of the reasons why.


Swann OutbackCam CCTV camera

The Swann OutbackCam is a cheap do-it-yourself solution for only $79. Though it's battery operated, it comes equipped with a motion triggered recording. This on/off solution paired with a motion detector means this CCTV camera can monitor for several months at a time on one set of batteries. It is the perfect solution if you are monitoring a remote location such as a forest, field, farm, hunting cabin or logging cabin or if you are in an environment where cameras might need to move often.


While none of these cameras will fit the bill for all situations, knowing what is available for those on a budget is a good place to start your comparative shopping. Remember to evaluate the companies' ability to render support when needed and check their return policy before committing to purchase any model.

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