Document Management Software

Document Management Software

Choosing Document Imaging Workflow Software

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The most important aspect to consider when choosing document imaging workflow software is ease of use. If creating, filing, and finding documents isn't easy and intuitive, your employees will resist using the system and your ROI will decrease. By far, the best way judge ease of use is to try the software yourself.

Document imaging workflow software automates approval processes, editors, and other document routing. Extensive workflow rules can be a distinguishing factor between small- to mid-sized solutions and true enterprise-level systems. When you submit a free BuyerZone request for document management software price quotes, several experienced vendors will review your needs to determine the appropriate-sized software for your business.

Document Imaging

Many document imaging workflow software packages use familiar metaphors: file cabinets, folders, and paperclips, for example. These help even the least computer-savvy employees catch on quickly. Look for a balance between an uncluttered interface and the ability to get common tasks done quickly, without having to click through too many screens.

Manufactured by leading companies like WorldView, CompuThink, FileHold, VisualVault, and others typical document imaging software includes workflow customizations like:

Document imaging software prices

Packages are licensed based on the number of users annually, with five being an average starting point for many quotes. If you require more (or less), most quality vendors provide quotes that are custom tailored to your organization.

Plan on paying at least $650 and as much as $3,500 for up to five users, with a number of sellers offering software solutions in the $700 to $800 range.

Let multiple document imaging workflow software vendors compete for your business. Place your free price quote request today.

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