Maintenance Management Software

Maintenance Management Software

Real-world maintenance software prices from BuyerZone buyers

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Some of the most valuable information to have available to you during the buying process are testimonials and pricing information from recent buyers. We conducted a survey of our users to share with you some of their experiences.

Notes about CMMS pricing: For all the benefits it can provide to your maintenance activities, these software packages are relatively inexpensive at the entry level. The factor that has the most impact on overall price is how many users and/or locations the software needs to accommodate. Some vendors charge per "seat" or user, while others offer tiered pricing, where a small business package is less expensive but can support only a limited number of users.

Another significant pricing difference is between locally hosted software, which you pay for up front, and hosted or ASP software, which carries a monthly fee for usage instead. ASP solutions usually provide a less costly means to get started with maintenance management services. However, when you consider that you'll be paying that monthly fee for years to come, you may find the overall cost exceeds that of traditional software.

Local maintenance management software prices

"10 user software package for maintenance/inventory, $2,300."

-- Lumber mill, Atmore, Alabama

"$795. 90 day warranty, CD, operations manual, support contract for 90 days." [1 - 5 users]

-- Construction firm, Topeka, Kansas

"Software $1,500, extended service agreement $400." [1 - 5 users]

-- Educational institution, Lancaster, California

"Total including some training was $2,000." [1 - 5 users]

-- Government agency, Sacramento, California

"$3,200 for total package." [1 - 5 users]

-- Manufacturer, Modesto, California

"$850 - small business package." [1 - 5 users]

-- Church, St. Paul, Minnesota

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Hosted (ASP) maintenance software prices

"Monthly service of $40 per month." [6 - 10 users]

-- Manufacturer, Botkins, Ohio

"$460/year online." [1 - 5 users]

-- Telecom services, Cardiff by the Sea, California

"$80 per month. Internet maintenance software with 2 seats."

-- Manufacturer, Springfield, Missouri

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Information was provided by BuyerZone users. Quotes have been edited for clarity only.

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