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Maintenance Management Software

Hippo Computerized Maintenance Management Software

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Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS is a powerful, user-friendly maintenance management software solution for organizations across industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, education, non-profit, hotels and resorts, and municipalities.

Product Overview

Hippo CMMS streamlines the work order process and simplifies preventive maintenance. Maintenance managers can review tickets, generate work orders, delegate them to technicians, and then track them to close-out. Work orders are data-rich, complete with asset information, interactive floor plans, associated parts, operation and maintenance manuals, and customizable task checklists.

You can't close out work orders without the right parts. The inventory tracking module ensures you have what you need when you need it. Materials and parts can be added to work orders, and once they're closed out, inventory levels are automatically updated. Using current levels and reorder thresholds, the software can send email alerts, contact vendors directly to place orders, or both.

Once all the work is done, the robust reporting module crunches the numbers, building reports out of customizable combinations of data points. Tracking KPIs helps you fine-tune your operations and keep everyone accountable.

Historical data combined with manufacturers' recommendations can then be built into a preventive maintenance program. Hippo CMMS delivers easy task scheduling, upcoming task alerts, and PM completion tracking. The calendar view provides the big picture, helping you stay one step ahead.   

Hippo CMMS is cloud-based, which means behind the scenes Hippo is taking care of all the IT infrastructure and software patching, updating, and security. Your data always remains your property; Hippo just makes sure you can access it from anywhere, at any time.  


Hippo's ease-of-use sets us apart. There are many robust software options out there, but few are just the right combination of easy and powerful. Hippo's intuitive, clean design makes for a gentle learning curve.


Hippo offers three packages, each designed to meet a specific set of needs. All packages include access to Hippo's extensive library of training materials and lifetime customer support.

Standard - No data to import

Enhanced - Data imported seamlessly 60 days of unlimited live online custom-tailored training

Facility Audit - Turnkey solution with on-site audit 

Customer Success

Hippo's customer success department is not only responsive, it’s also proactive. With intelligent monitoring, the team can spot features customers are not taking advantage of and then offer additional training to help them fully leverage their investment.


About Hippo CMMS

Hippo CMMS has been the right balance of easy to use and economical since 2004. Today, more than 1,000 businesses use our software to streamline maintenance operations. Hippo CMMS is more than just great software. It's also at a great price. The industry standard is to charge by user, which means expanding your maintenance department drives up ongoing costs. Hippo's pricing is structured around the number of facilities and assets. With the unlimited-users subscription, you get lifetime support, all updates at no extra charge, and no data caps.


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