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A lot of small- to medium-sized businesses are looking for a simple document management solution. They want to access, share, and protect their files easily. They want a straightforward format with the ability to expand without technical challenges.

Curious about the top platforms? We were too. So we compiled the following reviews and stacked them against the platforms' features, and their respective costs.

Here's what we discovered.

DocuWare reviews

DocuWare is available in 15 languages and claims tens of thousands of users. Reviews focus on how easy it is to customize and how speedy it is. Customer service gets a good rating as well.

Top features include:

"We have DocuWare and we love it. We too, are a small business that seems to need A LOT of document organization. We chose DocuWare because you get to customize your system, meaning that you get to pick the modules that you need, so you're never paying for anything you won't use. Our business also has grown a bit since we implemented DocuWare, and we were easily able to add on more modules as we needed them."

DocuWare licensing for a single user runs about $1,500. Package deals can be found for $6,400 (5 users), $11,250 (10 users), $15,000 (15 users), $18,750 (20 users), $25,500 (30 users), and $60,000 (100 users).

SharePoint reviews

SharePoint is one of the most widely used and recommended systems. While some claim it is overkill for small businesses, most enjoy the ease at which they can share documents and collaborate. SharePoint 2010 was touted for significant updates that increased accessibility from a variety of servers and provided more social/community components. Part of the widespread appeal is also the ability to run several applications from a single platform.

Top features include:

"I highly recommend SharePoint. Not only is it a great document management solution, but it integrates as part of many other Microsoft Solutions - such as Microsoft CRM Online. About 90% of small and larger businesses that I have supported have used SharePoint as their document management solution."

SharePoint licensing with five users runs between $2,100 and $6,300, depending on the features included. It;s worth noting that volume discounts are available for larger organizations. Similarly, Exchange Server 2013 - the email solution often paired with SharePoint - costs between $3,900 and $4,400 for five users. reviews is also widely used and recommended. With a free open source plan or $99 for self-hosting, it is reasonably priced. Several reviews emphasized the beauty and ease of the interface, as well as the simplicity of a single platform.

Top features include:

"I cannot stress enough how simply is to install and manage and provides a lot of features including version control, and multiple access as you outlined in your requirements."

"The status messages (like Twitter) help people in our company stay in touch with each other and are a great way to start conversations. definitely worth the price."

Monthly plans start around $500 and $1,000 for "On-Demand" usage, and $6,250 and $15,000 for "On-Premise" usage. All plans include unlimited users.

HyperOffice reviews

HyperOffice is one of the more reviewed products. It is touted for the basics' ease of use and a reasonable price, but a little more research reveals a strong contingency of folks that don't recommend it. Customer service appears to be lacking and there are numerous references to "bugs."

Nevertheless, top features include:

Monthly plans start around $45 and $99 for five users, depending on the plan, and go up to $650 and $1,500 per month for 100 users.

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