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COLDView Document Management Software and Services

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With WorldView's COLDView document management software and services your organization has the ability to transparently index, store and share electronic files, otherwise known as COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk) files. COLD files are reports, statements, invoices, or any document type that is output from computer systems such as COM, ASCII text, PCL, AFP or DJDE files. This paperless enterprise content management solution lets you skip the print-to-paper step, eliminating the need to purchase boxes of paper on a monthly basis, while lowering your labor costs associated with manually handling, photocopying and reprinting vital documents.

COLDView works by automatically identifying, compressing and indexing documents that are output from computer systems as printed files. COLDView delivers faster document storage, information retrieval and significant cost savings over paper and the micrographic equipment and supplies required with microfilm and/or microfiche. Not only is the printing to paper step skipped with this digital asset management software, but your documents are automatically indexed, filed, and available for split-second retrieval anywhere users have access to a PC and Internet connection.


Organizations in any industry that have large volume archiving requirements of text-based reports and documents will benefit from COLDView. This digital asset management software will afford you the cost savings experienced from reduced printing, storage, microfilm and/or microfiche, and labor expenses made possible with COLDView. Business processes will become more efficient as reports and their keywords can be transparently imported into the WorldView document management system and made available for immediate retrieval. As a document storage solution, COLDView eliminates enormous loads of paper and streamlines workflow processes. This enterprise content management solution can be an important part of your disaster recovery strategy for business document protection.


All COLDView processing and retrieval is accomplished through the WorldView document management system. COLDView document management provides several powerful options for retrieving COLD documents that include: a Retrieval Dialog Box (for keyword searching), Foldering, Custom Query, Text Search, Cross-Referencing and Workflow. Once retrieved, you have the ability to deliver COLD documents via fax, e-mail or enable them for use with front-office systems such as customer service and electronic statement presentment (ESP). Data processing departments and service bureaus can provide a full range of electronic data services to their customers and employees when combining COLDView with other WorldView product modules like Document Imaging.

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